Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogger- stop glitchin' then I'll stop bitchin'. UGH

Okay well so far this morning I have spent my time making just an average post full of images and nothing more, but Blogger is giving me as much trouble as a cat jammed in a door. I've made posts like this before, why is it deciding to go behind my other posts and off the page now?
Blogger- quit acting like your a 4 year old, this incapability to cooperate with me is beyond your age limit. I'm disappointed that you would reduce yourself to behaving this way...
Today's a lazy day, I'm mentally/emotionally/physically exhausted from yesterday, and my allergies decided to become death warmed over today. I'm just going to watch movies, write, and make coloring pages all day.
List of Movies Today
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (maybe, just watched that the other night)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One. (I'm really excited to go see the midnight showing of the second part with my friend Arielle... and who ever else of my "friends" that never reply to me.)

Those alone should be good enough but otherwise I'll probably watch
Shakespeare in Love
Juno (probably not, I've seen it so much)

Then Coloring Pages I'm going to work on for Haley's and mine (that does not sound like proper grammar) Coloring Book
*Diana (Done)
*Polaroid (In progress)
*Arizona Green Tea Can
*VW Van
*Crayon Box and Crayons
*Some kind of cool purse (?)
*Dream Catcher
*Audrey Hepburn (maybe, she's kind of hard to draw and impossible to do on my computer.)
*Cookie Dough Ice Cream Carton (or Ben&Jerry's Americone Dream)
*Soup Cup
*Fifi Lapin (might make up two of my own characters instead though most likely)
*Tea set
*Tiffany's box or bag
*Coca Cola Bottles
*Counseling Chair
some of these probably seem really random. Well they're inside jokes/personal memories so either refer to past posts or don't even bother.

Today I'm Writing 
My "Rated R" novel. I'm going to try and self publish it :)
might try to come up with some other stuff but I don't think I will.

 Pop M&M's, not pills.

Let's Just Pretend I'm the guy who looks like Snape/Me and Blogger is Darren Criss (It got lucky, next time I get to be Darren Criss...)
Me: Blogger would you please stop glitching and post my post properly?

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