Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Grace Coddington- You're the pictures are the image of inspiartion for me today

From the movie The September Issue. Actual camerman from the documentary's crew.

Grace Coddington actually modeling when she was younger.

From the blog The Last Doll Standing (obviously). I do not own, but I simply love this picture

So annoyed Anna Wintour didn't pit this in the September issue of Vogue (2007). Grace had every right to be pissed....

Not all of these are by Grace Coddington but most of them are so... yeah.
Watched The September Issue today- first movie of my summer!!!
Will post pics later, need to finish my spread and in order to that I need to shower, which I have been procratinatin heavily. Haley if you're on Facebook, or here or whatever, TEXT ME. We need to do the gift exchange!!!.... oh wait maybe wait a bit I still need to get your third present...
P.S My copy of What Shall I Wear Today? By Fifi Lapin is supposed to be here today/tomorrow!!!!! :D

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