Friday, June 03, 2011

Glee Cast - I Feel Pretty / Unpretty (Glee Cast Version)

Just clicked on this accidentally while listening to Somehwere Only We Know and I find it to be pretty powerful. I also never knew there was another version of I Feel Pretty. Anyway- doing nothing today. Tired from my softball double header last night, got home a midnight and couldn't go to sleep until one because my step-sister had a birthday party that was mostly all her friends screaming and doing God knwos what down there. I still have a headache, really hope I'm not getting sick. Might take a shower and take pics, walk to the river, hang out with Haley, I don't know. UGH my inspiration levels (if that's even a valid title for my creativity) is jumping around in my brain but I don't even know if I want to do it right now, it's just... BLEH.
I'll write.
Bored as hell, but you know? I don't mind much, why? It's summer and I have three months to do all of this :) Still though, I'll get that done soon.
Also fed up with people thinking everyone's against them when they're the one's antagonizing me and my friends. "Karma's only a bitch if you are." Seriously though- quit thinking you're so B.A and then thinking you're so vulnerable and shit. I'm done with your bombast, your prattle, your rubbish. In other words: YOUR bull shit. Sigh. This song is really ironic now that I think about it....

I'll do a list and the rest of my photos later- I've decided this much.

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