Saturday, June 04, 2011

"Friends are on my mind. And in attempts to not make this too personal, I will say this... I wish I had more friends. More friends like Katie. Kids are soo square so typical and boring and cookie cutter I mean it's quite a strange concept- "different" because humans are so predictable... But to not be cookie cutter is what's best. Cookie cutter is hard to describe/define, but I guess I hate so many people around me because I'm a hater, but mostly because they are so immature when it comes down to it and completely lacking in humor and intellect."
-Haley. My best friend everyone

I'm with you all the way on this way. Yes I'm flattered, but beside the fact of the comparison, I know exactly how you feel. In fact- this paragraph kind of summed up my whole situation about this particular topic.
Life's difficult when you don't feel like being around all the people you're suppose to "love". I have five friends I always want to hang out with- only two of them live here, and one is going to camp all summer. It's hard, being around people you thought were your friends when really they've just become cliche monsters. I wish I had more friends too- I wish I had my friends from middle school back, but you can't change the mere fact that I'm in high school- shit happens, people change, and somehow- you go from a group of 17 to a group of 2-4.
...I miss my old crowd.

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