Saturday, June 04, 2011

Nature- Beautiful and Frightening haha :)

Flipping you off with class!

My gorgeous friend Haley :)

Friendship mustache rings much?

 British flag shirt- LoveCulture $16.99

Floral print romper- Forever21 $15
New favorite piece of clothing!

"Coral" Eyelet dress- $18.99, Forever21, Braided bead "Coral" Bracelet- Forever21, $4.99
Why must it be coral and not simply pink????

Little bit of air guitar while rocking out with "I think Ur A Contra" :)

First cherry of the summer and the year!!! 

Floral Crop top with knit back- Forever21 $6.99

I really sort of love this picture :)

 Dress my mommy gave me from the old days :) It's very "twirly". Topped it off with a belt I got at Rue21 to give the dress a figure.


Haley: I really like this picture, you're hair looks really cool natural or curly or however it is you did it today :)

New Ben and Jerry's favorite: Thank you Stephen Colbert!!

Through Haley's eyes in the 60's

Bee hunting- thought I would finish this post off with a bit of a laugh. Glad to say that Haley and I survived the attack of the giant bee. I guess you could say it won a few rounds by chasing us into the bathroom, but in the end we swatted it down and released it into the wild. We are the experts at bee hunting!!

Today was pretty amazing I thought :) Took lots of pictures, ate Americone Dream ice cream on a bench, watch my sofa get lifted out a window, hunted bees, made a coloring page (of a Diana that looks really good, I wish I could show it to you all!), and got a lot of good music!! Props to Haley for her amazing photography once again and being the friend who I do the craziest shit/ most creative, fun things, with. :) 

Sound of the Setting (Songs I Bought Today
I feel Pretty/Unpretty (Glee)
Hey Jude (The Beatles)
Bluebird (Sara Bareilles)
Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
Someone Like You (Adele)
Cherry Bomb (The Runaways- Original)
Asleep (Emily Browning Cover)
Asleep (The Smiths)
Bust The Windows (Glee)
Do You Wanna Touch (Glee)
Do You Wanna Touch (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts)
Shooting the Moon (OK Go)

Songs in General
I Think Ur a Contra (Vampire Weekend)
Misguided Ghosts (Paramore)
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
Somewhere Only We Know (Darren Criss Glee Cover)
Dog Days are Over (Florence and the Machine)
Judas (Lady Gaga)
Don't You (Darren Criss)
Animal (Neon Trees)
Kids (MGMT)
I Want to Hold Your Hand (Across the Universe/Glee)
Dress and Tie (Charlene Kaye and Darren Criss)
Harold's Song (Ke$ha)
Kryptonite (3 Doors Down)

Greece in 3 days! Kind of freaking out because I'm so excited but I'm kind of afriad of the plane ride. I don't know why but I want to say it's because we're going to be over the ocean for so long. Then there's things like terrorists, malfunction, etc. etc. sigh. Ah crap and I still have to pack -_- I wish I could stick around and chat, continue with all the idea crammed into my little head right now, but I have stuff I need to do.
Well I do my things and you to yours.

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