Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doing crazy things under the moon has always been in my repituar

Outfit to go shopping with Shay :)

***Later that Day with Haley***

I really hate people who put their hands on their hips and pop them out when they take pictures. That doesn't make you look classy it makes you look like a baby prostitute...


Got some keds for $9 at Target with Shay. I'm going to puff paint a picture on them or just red. Hard to say right now.

"I brought you flowers mother fucker"

"Ha jk bout the MoFo part"

Trying to come up with some new picture poses because Haley and I both have no idea what pose/face to make when taking pics without looking awkward. How do the people on Tumblr do it?

Thinking of another pose

Yeah that works.

Try again.

Eh no these weird ones are better

Picture expectations




I want Haley's bookshelf.

Signs we painted the town with late at night ;)
There's the two below but the other three say:
Dumbledore wouldn't have let this sign happen
REVOLT against non-conformists
Fuck this sign

Haley's outfit for pre-lurking/lurking

My outfit for pre-lurking

We slept on my trampoline last night.

Just got up. This was my lurking outfit

My first succesful omelet that only used one egg

Around Town (The Signs that did survive the hands of closed minded people)

(Fuck you Auntie Em, I'm keeping Toto was also one)

About to troll up my driveway for like the bajillionth time. You'd think I wouldn't be so exhausted afterward now that I'm used to it but that's a lie. It's always a pain in the ass to walk up.

Yeah so becoming one with the night last night was fun. The moon will make you do some semi-crazy things. I'm at the library right now. Haley just took off because I'm not much company trying to get my shit done, even though I'm just about finished here. I'm about to run to the market nearby to get the new Vogue. Yeah I have a subscription but my mail is all screwed up since we moved. In example, still no Fifi Lapin book. So mail system here's to you:

Also because I feel like having two copies because Emma Watson is on the cover so I'm going to end up cutting one up for my Idea Notebook. After that, it's off to home and some M&M's over popcorn before my last Softball game for my highschool season.
Probably going to write another post when I get home full of pictures I like...
Figured out how to add GIF's to my blog finally (Thank you Haley!)

^That is a completley necessary bragging right.
Oh Darren Criss ♥

But yeah. I'm off to do things.

I'd like to see Dumbledore stop this post from happening.

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