Friday, June 03, 2011

Damn my procrastination.

Yeah I didn't post any new pics.
And yeah- I didn't actually take any.
Yeah I took a nap
and watched 70's Show most of the day
Or I was on Tumblr.
Yeah, you can damn my procratination
because it obviously didn't bring you much joy.
But tomorrow that'll change.
My To-Do list right now consists of
Eat this chocolate chip cookie my mom made at work today from scratch
Try not to ball when Leo DiCaprio dies in Titanic in a few minutes
Whatever I feel like

Take and post pictures
Finish The Perks of being a Wall Flower and start Classy
Go on a little adventure through town with my Coolpix
Might/hopefully hang out with Haley tomorrow
iTunes spree
Make a mix tape?
Might get Haley's last gift exchange gift, granted if they're not closed
Sing obscenely loud from my deck
Pack for Greece
Jump on my tramp with the sprinkler
Make a Coloring Book
Whatever works for summer time!
Sit by the river
Bike/Run, Idk anything to work of the 4 sliders I had tonight....

Creativity To Do's
Idea Book!:)
Draw- Outfits, random pictures, whatever
Take some wonderful pictures
Work on Rated R 
Make a mixtape?
Coloring book
Make Linoleum block prints- wish I had more

Stuff I Want (Better Haley! Hope it makes you satisfied- making me feel like a Playgerism. That's not supposed to be comical. I'm getting a sarcastic, cynical vibe from you today, and I gotta say it's not working for you.) List
Cluthches and bags of every kind
TOMS or Seafoam green/Red/Yellow/Purple Vans
New iPod touch
Feather Necklaces/Earrings
Dreamcatcher anything
Ray Ban Sunglasses- Avitators, gold rimmed
To take a bunch of wonderful pictures
Boyfriend shorts
Yarn bracelts

Bluebird (Sara Bareilles)
Someone like You (Adele)
I Think Ur a Contra (Vampire Weekend)
Misguided Ghosts (Paramore)
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
Animal (Neon Trees)
Kaleidoscope Heart (Sara Bareilles)
I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (Glee Cast)
Hey Jude (The Beatles)
Asleep (The Smiths and Emily Browning's cover)
Rose's Theme (Titanic)
You'll be in my Heart (Tarzan)
You and I Both (Jason Mraz)
I Want to Hold Your Hand (Across the Universe/Glee)
Dress and Tie (Charlene Kaye and Darren Criss)
Somewhere Only We Know (Darren Criss Glee Cover)
Dog Days are Over (Florence and the Machine)
Judas (Lady Gaga)
Harold's Song (Ke$ha)

The Perks of Being a Wall Flower
What Shall I Wear Today?

Driving Lessons
The September Issue
The Runaways
Harry Potter
The King's Speech

My my how the list could go on and on forever
Until tomorrow lovelies
(Haley you inspired me to make these lists, hope you don't mind...)

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