Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Productivity Part Two

At the library!

It's bright as hell in this spot

And you can see that I'm wearing my Ray Bans over my glasses in all of these pictures

I ain't even mad.

Holy shit this light makes me look so pale. Like gross vampire pale.

Just for the record I got tan in Greee. MY white Irish ass got TAN!

So HA.

Okay I’m seriously anticipating someone looking at me making all these random faces.

Who cares though, this is fun.

And seriously what do they expect from a teenager wearing sunglasses in doors

By the way, that goes against my moral code. If you wear sunglasses in doors that makes you a first class dick. Quit thinking you’re so dope cuz you can wear sunglasses inside. 

In fact I’m just going to take mine off. Not only does it bother me but the photos look like crap with the double glasses thing.

I wouldn’t have had this issue if my dad’s house wasn’t locked. (Ran out of contacts at my mom's)


Oh and guess what else I managed to do??? I forgot my camera cord up at my house. After I biked all the way down here. 
Really freaking smooth. Now I can’t upload any pictures on to here or Facebook like I had wanted to. 
Wait hang on some guy over there just called me

Ugh. "Miss can you please turn down your music?"

Dude if you think this is too loud then you're too old.

Wait hang on.
How the hell can he even hear it, he has his iPod in and he’s all the way around the corner.

Holy shit creeper...

God and now some kid is looking at me. I'll just smile a him awkwardly.

He's not going away. UGH why do little kids always do that?

Ahhhhh so uncomfortable Oh my God.

So my cords at my house, my phones dead,  my library card is in my other wallet and there’s a lot of really good CD’s slash books today.

And this little kid is still looking at me!

Oh awkward I went to look at him and it turns out he left and I was actually seeing this old guy in my peripherals.

Awkward. Uh maybe I should just end this post now to avoid further uncomfortable feeling. I need to go home to charge my phone and get ready to leave for my game anyway. Sounds good.


P.S Just realized that I left my bike outside unlocked. That's kind of sketch...

Oh awesome and my iPod just died

Riding home in silence....

P.S.S Pull up your pants. No one wants to see your ass and you might trip off a cliff. 
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