Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Productivity Part One

So far today has been really productive!

As you can see, I’m home from Greece!

Pretty interesting trip.

It was fun.

But everyone in my "family" was being a little bitch except for my little sister- my REAL one.

It’s like "Ha yeah I forgive you."

 Jk I'm moving out you're all crazy, I don't have to put up with this.

Smehhhhh Grrrrrrr RAWR Pfffffffffft GAHHHHHHHHHHH

But to get to the real point of this post

I shall ramble

Sound good?


Too bad cuz it’s not your choice. Might as well turn back now then.

Awww no please don't leave!

Wait you've changed your mind and decided to stay?!?


So today's outfit is my lace top over my turquoise tank top with some denim shorts and my owl necklace. My hair is crazy cuz I took a shower, blow dried it and

BAM! The Cowardly Lion on Steroids!

Speaking of hair, why do girls always pose in pictures by pushing their hair up and the ol’ tongue and eyes up face?

Oh yeah that's hawt.

“OMG Jennie Ur sooooooooooooo purrdyyz, OMGZZZZ!!!”
(By the way, I know so many people who talk like this. Makes you want to shoot yourself right?? Here let me just use wayyyy too many letters, add Z's to the end of everything, and use improper grammar. You illiterate monkeys.)

This dumb bitch needs to learn how to take a picture.
I mean seriously, why can't you just smile???

Okay that last one was a little awkward...

Keeping a hair brush near me because my hair is such a prop today that it’s more crazy than it should be…

My Fifi Lapin book still hasn't shown up

C on my report card

Thanks a shit load Mr. *******

Bright side! Lots of new clothes from Greece and my days has been pretty productive so far. I renamed and revised my blog and I’m finally getting this post done.

Still have to go to the library to return It’s Kind of a Funny Story and upload this post.

It’s worth it! But I just have to ride my bike with my backpack with my computer in it. Which is heavy and uphill.

Probably going to make a really crazy post in the library though.


Day is going by pretty quickly now that I think of it, this is taking a little longer than I thought. I hope I get around to making some coloring pages before my game.
Katy Perry’s helping me get through it

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really a very interesting lip singer.

New Ray Bans from Greece!

Aren't they fabulous???

Shopping with Shay tomorrow! :D

And not to be random but...

I’m finally getting some new bras and a journal tomorrow!!!!!

And some Starbucks- Coconut Frappuccino- Yummmmmmmmyyyyy!

I think that's it for right now...

Going to the library now. Ba-Bye!!

P.S Tie your shoelaces! Don't be lazy. 
Refer to this post here: http://hopscotchinheels.blogspot.com/2010/11/im-really-happy-right-now-and-this-is.html 

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