Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Golden Leaves

The leaves are turning that beautiful shade of gold that I've been longing for for weeks now, naturally I'm excited. Except for the fact of snow and cold and six months of it, that part I am not really looking forward too.
Now everything is just moving in slow motion, Home Coming isn't there for me to look forward to and all I know is softball and home work.
Oh yay...
I have pictures of today's outfit and home coming that I'll try to upload soon, I got a haircut too by the way :) It's just shorter of course nothing drastically new I'm afraid...
Right now: Watching Mean Girls, an interesting yet horribly realistic reincarnation of my worst fear of high school, wishing that softball tonight would not occur as usual.
So that's that, just wanted to keep everyone updated.
Until... tomorrow I suppose. So long.

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