Sunday, September 05, 2010

"This is no time to bother me" side of the sign is on the door right now, please respect that much would you? No?... Well aren't you just lovely.

I think so.
I am exhausted.
And seriously annoyed.
Good afternoon Internet. So to my uttermost happiness I am once again in reach of a computer for more than two hours this week. Isn't that lovely? I think a few nights of seven hours of sleep are bound to take place this week.
Maybe less seeing how it's home coming week next week.
Where to begin, where to begin...
Aw yes, Exhaustion Explanation [Part One]... in not so many words:
Well last night after coming home a two day softball tournament that took place in one of the bigger cities in the state two hours away, I rushed for tissue paper and my new cardigan to get ready to go to
(wait for cheesy, exciting music) DA DA DA DAAAAAAA!!!!!!! (there it is)
HALEY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! (cue clapping, cheering, and CAKE!)
It was an awfully fun night I have to say, ranging from tacos to playing hide-n-go seek in the dark at the little park nearby that could really only fit one of us, to watching The Last House on the Left.
A quick critical note here for a second:
1. The girl's friend
is a dumb *biotch.
And I mean like REALLY dumb.
I mean seriously, if you're getting chased through the woods by armed psychos, and you twist your ankle, you do not just give up and start limping and hardly screaming for help. I would be going all out running as hard as I freaking could, screaming at the top of my lungs.
2. Wayyyyyyyyyyy to raunchy for our teen age girl eyes. Haley's comment: "Well I can see that this is leading to a few years of counseling" was spot on.
3. Don't watch the unrated version! Don't be a rebel, and just watch the theatrical, the unrated is WAY too raunchy...

There's plenty of other things about that movie I could express my opinion about but they're really not things I would like discuss seeing how that movie was a little over board, and as cheesy as it might be, I'm still a little scarred...
Moving on.
Anyway what I'm really leading up to here is that like most sleepovers, gossip does tend to come out, and I heard some information that I think I could have done without, containing judgemental opinions and just down right... mean...ness, that I seriously wish the world would just give up on already.
Anyway, I'm just kind of in this really foul mood because of lack of sleep and a massive head ache from sleeping on Haley's floor, and as much I would like to go shower and fall asleep, I seriously doubt in my mind that I am going to be able to sleep.
Sleeping during the day
is an impossibility.

Oh yeah and also after watching the movie, we decided we really needed to watch something cheery which resulted to Flight of the Conchords.
I've never actually seen or heard of it until yesterday... or this morning really, but overall it was okay, I didn't really understand it. But there was this one quote that I thought was pretty funny.
Kind of stupid really but
for the most part.
Jermaine: I think I know why she left last night
Bret: Who? Sally?
Jermaine: Yeah. I think she left because you turned that lamp on.
Bret: Yeah I guess. But it might also have to do with the fact that I went out with her.
Jermaine: Well yeah that might be the reason, but I think she left because
you turned the lamp on.
Bret: Maybe, but it might be because I went out with her for eight months.
Jermaine: Okay maybe it was because of that, but I think you wrecked it by turning on the lamp.
Bret: Right...
(lying in their beds in silence)
The whole "You wrecked it because you turned on the lamp" thing is really what made me notice the quote.
I obviously don't have it word for word, and my comedic timing or whatever is off but I did my best.
Okay well I'm going to go take a shower because I feel all gritty and gross, but I think if sleep isn't an option I might try to watch The September Issue, The Devil Wears Prada, and Coco Before Chanel ,which I got Haley for her birthday by the way, along with some bug eyed sunglasses that look EXACTLY like the ones she lost when we went rafting. I am oftley proud of my dad for finding/buying those for her (Nice Job Papa!!)
I've been wanting to see Coco Before Chanel for a while now due to Haley's mention of it, and the curiosity is starting to get to me; same with The September Issue. I saw it at Target like months ago but forgot the title and then Haley brought it up again another day and I even found it on Instant Watch via Netflix, and it has been sitting in my queue now for about a month, unwatched.
Disappointing, very disappointing.
The Devil Wears Prada on the other hand may not be a possibility unless my dad is willing to pay $2.99 to watch it ON Demand. I doubt that's going to happen though because he says it's on FX all the time. I've never quite tested that theory so lately I've been checking but it's just not working out.
Alright I'll quit my movie marathon list and leave you to your lives.
P.S just for the record I would be having a Harry Potter movie marathon but alas they are at my mother's and also this is the one time in the past forever (few weeks) where I don't really feel like watching Harry Potter so it's resulted to my curiosity of fashion, and what not.
So long!

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