Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Heaven Above, Carey Mulligan... Gorgeous pictures!!!!

By far my favorite photo of her! I'm not going to lie, tears welled just a little bit when I saw this, why I don't know. I absolutely LOVE, times like a million, these photos. I got them off of because naturally, they have these kind of resources available that does not require using my crummy camera phone.

Also: has anyone else noticed that Blogger let's you upload multiple pictures at once now!? My GOD that is just too convenient; picture uploading will be much more shorter for me from here on out.
I don't think I need to explain why I love these photos; they're so stunning that they explain them selves really; however my favorites consist of the last three, on the bottom here. They're all literally heart stuttering pieces of work... Ohh I quite like that, heart-stuttering... just a thought.
Okay for real this time, I have to go to bed. Night to you all!
“Something clicks into gear when you look into someone’s eyes.” Carey Mulligan

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