Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rain Storms, Lost Cats, and Molten Chocolate Cakes... today is just not my day :(

Well aside from the chocolate cake, which tastes AMAZING by the way!, it has been gloomy, rainy, thundering all day, which is only lovely if softball gets cancelled, which didn't happen, and my poor little putty tat has been out in this weather all day, lost and alone :( I had a bit of a nervous break down today at lunch, crying a little bit in front of my friends, trying to explain to them in between sobs that she was missing.
My dad puts it like this: "Now you know how parents feel when they can't find their kids, only what you feel is only a fraction of what we feel.
Deep breath, refocus the topic before I have the horrible urge to cry again.

Chocolate Molten Cake:
I HIGHLY recommend!! especially with the ice cream, it is a guaranteed road to happiness. I took this picture quickly before I relaxed on the couch and tried my best to not scarf this down in thirty seconds.
Yes readers, they're just that good.
Also: before softball practice I had play auditions for the Fall Play (takes place on November 19th, presented as a dinner theatre :)) I am QUITE excited! The play is melo-dramatic comedies that I believe were written by the director's. A loud, fun time was had by all. I actually received quite a few compliments about my facial expressions and comedic timing; I'm pleased with my self really, not to brag, seeing how I haven't performed in a real play since I was seven and did Children's Theatre in Seattle.
Well... it's amazing I'm still sane 'cause I've been turning into a whiny five year old at the most random times begging her dad to bring the cat home already, and it's just not been going very well.
I rest my case I leave you so I can think of ways to distract myself further. Sleep would help but I'm ina very creative mood right now so let's see if I can find something to do, shall we?
I should say "shall I?"...


  1. Hey do u live in Seattle/near Seattle? Cuz i do and i think that would be quite ironic :)

  2. no actually i live in CO but i used to live on Bainbridge Island in Washington, its about half an hour from the city

  3. Yep! I grandma lives on Bainbridge Island so I visit often! That's so cool that you used to live here!

  4. Lol no way ! I visited this summer :)

  5. yes way!! :P
    And just so you know, I look forward to your posts! They cheer me up when I am sad..or mad...or even happy :)

  6. Aw thanks :) that means a lot to me!