Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can't it just br Friday already? Also: Hair Cuts and Suede Saddle Shoes. Awwww Yeaahhhhhh

Where do I even begin my unsatisfaction with Wednesdays?
I may seem over dramatic but Wednesday just feels like the absolute worst day to me, especially in a week where all you want to do is sleep in, watch movies, and not do anything for two days before you have to go right back to the same thing all over again. I honestly wonder: is there anything else to look forward to in the year, that's worth looking forward to?
Just an observation...
Naturally though I think you can sense my distaste of school at the particular moment. Pardon my rant; I'm just horribly frustrated with the fact that I'm relearning everything I learned last year this year and that is just really bothersome to me, especially seeing how I have like hours of work that I luckily just finished because of it. Seriously though: can't we just learn it once and move on?
Look there are a lot of things I could question about the educational system but let's moves on to a happier note shall we?
Right, so; Haircut last Sunday. See here!

Yes, yes I know they're side ways and my face is breaking out making me look horribly shabby and disgrumbled (Haley Vocabulary) and very well... teenager. Other than that interesting observation though, I love my new haircut. It's straightened right now of course (well not right now, right now it's wet and curly, but in the picture...) Markee (family friend) calls it "adorably modern". I take this as an excellent sign. It's nice to know that I made a nice choice with my hair for once it feels like, however I'm going to have to straighten it every day if I want to keep it looking this way, which is going to be a huge hassle, but it's worth it...
Moving right along.

I always love it when they come in the mail, they just spark so much creativity and love in my eyes, brain, heart, kidney, what have you. However: I was NOT so pleased with seeing this:
on the cover of my magazine!
Can you not sense my detest-ment of seeing him on the cover of my FASHION, GIRL, I've-hit puberty-and-my-voice-is lower-than-yours, magazine?! (What a horrible argument)
I can't stand him.
Just thought I would let you all know.
However the contents were ever so enjoyable. I haven't gone into details really yet which obviously doesn't help the fact that I left it at my mom's... but I did find THIS!:

VANS ad.
Lord sometimes when I'm really lacking the inspiration and can't seem to find anything in Teen Vogue, I just crack it open to a VANS ad and I feel like my problems are solved. Call me completely un-hipster if you want (is that even the proper way to phrase that?) but quite honestly my favorite ads in the entire magazine are the VANS and UGGs ones. The VANS aren't so much a crime towards my opinions but the UGGs... oh if you only knew how much I've been despising UGGs lately.
The fact that my knock-off ones have rocks jammed up into the crappy rubber heals, and yellow paint on the fake suede is the least of my annoyance really... I'm just sick of them period. The suede saddle shoes though just kind of made my day when I saw this ad. I looked at the girl first, then I kind of squinted my eyes and instantly thought "Oh my God, what is on that girls feet?!" and then of course I looked to the image next to it (or was it under it) and just instantly fell in love. I don't know what it was, but tying them in with the gray long sleeved boyfriend tee, leggings, messy hair, and black horn rimmed glasses, was like an instant realization of how I wished I could have days like that sometimes, and every day with shoes like that.
Saddle shoes... Hmmm, where has that trend gone hiding?
I digress. In fewer words I would say that I think I'm finally realizing the true affection that we woman have for shoes. It's never struck me until now.
Yeah call me crazy, but better late than never right?
Back to a matter that I think I am officially almost dying for:
The Black Milk Galaxy Leggings.
Yeah I haven't really wanted them for long but in case you haven't noticed the word want IS in there. I think that I just might have to start saving for them. They are just so beautifully attractive to me and I feel as though having them would open up so many windows of inspiration and creativity that it makes me dizzy really to think about it.
Notice how sympathetic I'm getting over a pair of leggings.
You should see me about the Doc Marten's...
Just to be frank here, real quick: I love clothes and want to expand my knowledge of just how much fashion means in this world but for now I'm broke and don't even know where to begin. Leggings are just some place for me to start...
Does this make sense to you?... Who ever you are...
I just feel like a total gusher over the most random things and I think that's making me sound like an idiot. Don't go judging, you don't know how confused I am and how much I want out of life. It's tragic almost...

Well now it's Thursday, which only adds to my annoyance, seeing how it can't just be Friday...
It's 12:39 am, and I'm feeling kind of exhausted. Lucky for you I have lots of things I'd like to share though.
Night to you all... Morning?
Que Ridicolo, morning...

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