Friday, September 24, 2010

New Tinker Bell Movie is Out!! ... Yeah I'm almost 15 and I'm excited, are you surprised???

I'm not going to lie readers.
I'm almost 15
and I love the Tinker Bell movies.
And the books.
You know? Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg??
That's like, the great American novel right there ;)
Not kidding though I actually LOVE the Tinker Bell series, call me a nerd if you want I don't care, because I totally am. My dad looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that earlier. I suspect that he finds it rather odd that I still have an interest in children's movies consisting of faith, luck, and pixie dust... oh well.
Well today resulted to me still not finding my cat :( which royally sucks cause tomorrow is day four and it's seriously breaking my heart at this point, I just want her to be home SO badly.... but here's the thing:
While I was out selling cookies today, which bye the way, I sold $309.82 of cookies today, thus paying the 2nd payment for my trip to Florida!!!!!!! SOOOO STOKED!!!!
But while I was out selling a family friend of ours said that last year, they lost their deaf, 19-year-old cat, and they found him at the market 6 miles away in February because he had gotten into the back of someones car and had been roaming that area for all of those months; can you believe that?! I'm not saying that a miracle like that would happen to me if it does turn into a long term thing, but that gives me some hope... hope that is much needed really. Every time I think about her wandering the neighborhood with other mean cats and bears and such, my heart drops, I take a deep breath and feel a sob lunge into my throat. This pain REALLY sucks, I can hardly stand it any more :(
Well... T.G.I.F! Tomorrow I wake up at 7, despite that it's Saturday, to drive two hours to play two softball games, and then come home to my sister and her friend having a sleepover and home work.
Ode to frickin' joy... pardon my harsh tone. I'm not exactly thrilled. Hoping to start driver's ed here soon though FINALLY! Not getting my permit on my birthday is NOT apart of the option here!!! So this weekend looks like:
*a possible (GOD I HOPE SO) photo shoot with Haley and Rachel. *Haley did you catch that???*
*trying to find my cat
*selling cookies to everyone in my neighborhood
This may be a tad bit difficult to do with only one spot left on my spread sheet....
I will make this work!
Also on the agenda, taking pictures from the October VOGUE that I find simply marvelous of course :) I might do that now, but odds are that it'll happen tomorrow. This is due to the fact that I really should be going to bed right now... Darn you Blogger, I'm becoming a blogging addict, grrrrrr.
Well I have lots of stories running through my mind right now, and yet my eye lids are dropping slightly.
And I haven't even brushed my teeth yet!!
I digress; a possible good night to you all.

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