Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Coming!!!

Yay for home coming! I think I have found my new favorite made-up school celebration. At first I thought it was just some horrible cliche that I only put a fraction of excitement into. But I've come to face the facts and understand why everyone likes it now; it was so much fun today!
Let's start at the very beginning
for it's a very good place to start :)
I had all of my classes in the morning, which meant they were only an hour long each, which was lovely except by the time I got to Literacy I was starving and I forgotten to pack a lunch this morning...
In Art (I'm bouncing back to 2nd period, Literacy is 4th period) we worked on Contour and talked about what we're going to make for our soap sculptures. I managed to take pictures of my sketchbook though. What do you think of my oh-so-amazing cover? :) I made these myself, with a little help from my teacher but she only told me what to do. I drew the design, cut it out, and spray painted it all on my own, and it turned out simply amazing if you asked me. It's actually the Universe Doc Marten that you see in my blog header; didn't it come out so AWESOME though?! The left one is the cover, the right side is the stencil.
At lunch though I dedicated my time to helping with our Home Coming Float: paper bugs, mud, and a lot of glitter went into that float, I'm proud to have helped :) I wish I had a picture of my antennae to show you though... (head band with silver pipe cleaners wrapped on :P)
I walked down the street, throwing candy, and cheering cheers Freshmen before me have cheered as well, along with "One Four, One Four, One One One Four! WOO!!!"
...I graduate in 2014.
Anyway: riding in the ruck was fun but on the way there it was really uncomfortable cuz we had to cram and for part of the ride I had my feet hanging out of the bed. We were cheering then too though.
I loved it though, it was a great first home coming parade :)
I also love the fact that I got out of school at 1:45, that was quite lovely too.
Well that's that for now; I wait for softball and the football game (if I go, I'm sure I will) to come.
P.S 9/14/10 The dance was awfully fun! Just thought I would let you know how my 1st home coming weekend ended.

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