Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Attempted Boyfriend Shorts with Cheetah Flats

Ignore it... you know what I'm talking about.
Short, simple and to the point:
*Black Mossimo Supply Co. Tank
*Jeans that were my mom's I cut (with permission) into attempted boyfriend shorts. They need a little work.
*Blue/Magenta/Gray Payless scarf- $5
*Blue and Ivory Cheetah Flats. You might have noticed one is a little dirtier than the other.
This was an accidental doing of my by walking through a puddle.
*Black knit hat from Claire's for $2

Wore the tank top tucked in, my hair in a side pony and the knit cap loosely on my head.
Which of course caused some annoyance of mine at school when it kept coming off. The scarf I wore like... yeah just look.

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