Monday, September 20, 2010

Is it quite possible that today is the day the weather will finally listen?! I hope So!!!!!!!

Oh my oh my, oh me oh my, Oh me oh my!!!!!
The weather! She is dark, and cloudy, and wonderfully beautiful! But best of all: today just might be the day where my hopes of it raining suddenly so that way softball will be cancelled, will hopefully come true today. Today! On a Monday! Oh the possibilities are wonderfully likely that I'm having trouble not screaming "Please Dear God let it rain!" out my front door.
Fingers crossed, knock on wood, cross your heart and kiss your elbow (My God I love Audrey Hepburn in that movie!) PLEASE LET IT RAIN!
Rain... gorgeous, wonderful, rain, come down from the heavens and wash away the world for just this one night... my friend, my unknown love, please turn the sky dark(er) and let the sweet music of booming thunder and the rain be heard on my metal roof.
This is all I ask of you Mother Earth, RAIN!!

I digress with my prayer to the rain, the earth, and my lacking of having a ride to softball... hee :)
Well today was surprisingly... I JUST SAW LIGHTNING!! COME ON, RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kay sorry, so today was surprisingly calm, dull, boring what have you (like always). Math: I passed my quiz with having only missed 3 problems, I am so stoked! (yes my vocabulary just dropped like... three I.Q points... JK).
Spanish: Mini quiz, that I also passed. I also had to be a teacher to this girl who I've heard does not seem to enjoy my company, if you will, although she's actually really nice... I had to translate our story to her through gestures while she translated. I got a sticker!! :) Lunch: I was once again lacked a lunch, I refuse to do this again. History: We presented our projects, my group didn't go, I bet you anything we'll go tomorrow. Chamber Choir:
...that was a very educational class lol, of course I enjoy it but I'm still slightly surprised about hearing words of a specific topic come out of my teacher's mouth that I don't even hear out of my fellow choir members. Never the less:
SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. I'm afraid I can't go into details, but I bet that whatever you're thinking is like way worse than what actually happened so don't freak out.
Oh yay I have a ride, lovely. Let's hope though that it won't be necessary and I can just stay home, make dinner, and watch the TLC channel in peace.
Are you reading that, whoever controls the weather?
Oooohhhh double lovely, my mama is home from New York :) She went to my cousin's wedding that I wished I could have gone to sadly, I hear it was beautiful :( dang I'm really regretting not pushing her into letting me go now.
Oh well.
So I have fashion matters that I think should be discussed for your general entertainment, but this is just an informant post you see. Which by the way, I'm watching Fabulous Cakes on TLC and I seriously have been considering becoming a baker for QUITE some time now. You'll understand what I mean if I write a post about it.
Oh me oh my, BIG thunder boom... Yay :)
Okay well awesome blossom opossum (my blog, my post, my vocabulary...) Byeee!
P.S I just realized that this post is basically pointless but I am absolutely bored. 

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