Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Before I go to bed:

I was just reading somewhere (Hipster Musings comment? Yeah I think that's right) and this one girl said something along the lines of:
"Some people think that galaxy prints are kind of tacky and coming out of style now," then saying how she likes Isabel's tights and she doesn't care about the statement and wants more galaxy stuff.
When I read that I instantly thought:
"Woah hold up, saying that galaxy print is tacky is like saying space is tacky and I mean seriously, space isn't going to ever go out of style so if you think that you might as well think that Buzz Lightyear is going out of style in the next few months or so.
Which isn't going to happen because Buzz Lighyear
is Buzz Lightyear."
Nuff said: I don't think it's going out, course what do I know. But I'm with the girl; if I could get my hands on more galaxy print stuff I would wear/buy it like the crazy person that I am. Hell I want galaxy Doc's (but sadly I have yet to stumble across a pair that I account as real), also I doubt I would ever wear them to school without being questioned and getting annoyed, which is why I'm shooting for an outfit consisting of those Black Milk leggings I mentioned earlier and black Doc's, but black isn't exactly contributing to my hopes in keeping a girly edge to my wardrobe.
Well that's that for tonight, I can hardly keep my eyes open at this point.
See ya,


  1. Thanks for the mention! You should totally get those leggings, I am in love with them. :)

  2. no problem :) and I wish they could but they're a little out of my budget sadly :'(