Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ohhhhhhh The LISTS... :)


Books to Read
**Bohemian Manifesto (A Haley's Book Collection Book, my curiosity is amazingly high.
*Woman's Hats (A Haley's Book Collection Book)
*Burned- P.C Cast/Kristin Cast (I tried reading it earlier this summer. The impossibility was too great for my mind to take in)
*Harry Potter Series (AGAIN)
*Twilight (and maybe Eclipse)
*The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (Again, which reminds me, I need to return this to Naomi)
*Forever... -Judy Blume
*The Luxe books?
*Finish Evermore, and start the rest of the Immortal Series books

Music I can Listen to Over and Over and Over and Over
*Teenage Dream-Katy Perry
*King of Anything -Sara Bareilles
*Vincent- Don Mclean
*Shots- LMFAO feat. Lil John
*Everything Paramore of course
*The Prophet's Song -Queen, Night of the Opera CD in general
*My Humps -Fergie (don't judge lol)
*Cherry Bomb -Dakota Fanning feat. Kristen Stewart (The Runaways)
*Gravity -Sara Bareilles
*Somebody to Love -Queen
*Raindrops -Regina Spektor

MY Ultimate Movie Line-Up on a Rainy Day
*ALL of the Harry Potter movies
*Eclipse (if only it were out!)
*The September Issue
*The Duchess
*The Devil Wears Prada (maybe just maybe)
*Coco Before Chanel (gonna watch that with Haley this weekend hopefully!)
*The Runaways!
*Nick and Norah's Infinite play list

Birthday Wishes (I can dream can't I?)
*My OWN laptop
*Camera, oh please dear God, someone just give me a camera already that's all I beg of you...
*Doc Marten's (but what kind?! ADVICE PLEASE)
*The Runaways on DVD
not Blu-Ray
Our TV isn't cool enough for Blu-Ray
*That adorable bed spread I saw at Target
*Where's that fashion trip to Denver I asked for in August?
*an iTunes card would be lovely
*A birthday party that looks like: an adventure to the Fairy Caves for the day or a costume tea party that allows some creativity and not being looked at with skepticism
*My letter from Hogwarts saying that I should be going there instead of highschool. I'm still convinced it's either very late or the owl delivering it got confused. I'm not giving up yet!
*I'm a little hopeful for a pair of Black Milk Galaxy Leggings now thanks to a photo from Hipster Musings.
Exhibit A:

They're bad-ass I know, except they're $60, my mother would never pay so much for leggings, it's not her thing.

I realize that my birthday isn't until November and also that's growing into quite the list but odds are that I won't get most of this stuff so it's good to have back-up options so...
Oh also: my permit. My permit would be most lovely to have :)
a few month's from 15 and I can taste the freedom already baby!

To Do List in all basic terms to be quite honest
*mani/peti before home coming? (not likely to happen)
*pick out what dress to wear for home coming
*figure out how I'm going to do my hair
*buy my ticket for the dance
*Library trip
*Edit The Futon with Haley this weekend, plus watch Coco Before Chanel
*Take pictures of my sketchbook cover/stencil to post on here
*Pull a Lust List (one of Haley's titles) together
*Photo shoot day of random photo shooting stuff
*contact woman from Aspen Fashion Week again :) ask for an explanation, if you knew as to why I am mentioning this, you would understand my excitement.
*prepare for Autumn and Winter!! :)
*can I find some time to squish a nap in here?

 I think my work is done here for now no?
Lovely, moving on to sleep and dreams I wish were reality sometimes.

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