Monday, September 06, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray for Holidays that get us out of School and... Oysters with STDs... Ah... I...Erm... Just read.

Yay for not having school and sleeping in!! Today I finally got some sleep and resulted to waking up at 11, and then going up to Aspen for a little while, which was surprisingly short but fun. I was hoping to find a new book but today Haley pointed out to me that bookstores "that are far too organized and ridiculous and not to mention pretentious"...
That's Haley's way of saying "I just stumble over books". She has a point though, so now I am on the look out because my collection consists of books from when I was twelve and only have 70 some pages.
I'm a little disappointed in my book shelf.
We also skimmed over the pharmacy that's been in town for.. God knows how long, and I did find
*The Runaways DVD... for $30... which I am not paying for.
*Green Yarn
*A new crochet needle (I'm making a blanket!)
I also saw...

They're giant Vitamin Water chap sticks! I wanted to buy one so badly, buy my dad wouldn't let me, despite the fact that I had my own money because he wants me to save it and not spend it on stupid things like chap stick apparently.
I would have gotten this one, it's my favorite flavor of Vitamin Water. It's triple X, acai-blueberry-pomegranate, Triple Antioxidants. It's amazingly delicious although lately I haven't been drinking it as much, why I don't know.
I think I am in love with Lip Smackers now. I saw so many little chap sticks and lip glosses at the pharmacy that I wanted that it is not even remotely funny. I can do without the Koolaid ones, no offense, but all of the others I wanted mostly. It was so colorful and cute (and inexpensive) that I think the next time I go to Wal-Mart I know what I'm spending my money on.
Unless of course I find something else.

Then we broke for lunch and after that we decided upon a trip to the most famously wonderful Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some well deserved excellence in desserts.
But we found the door with a clock sign on it stating they would be back in 40 minutes (my dad and I got into quite the debacle about when the would get back because he thought they were going to get back at like nine or something. Clearly though I was right.) In between places though we sat on a park bench, Sam and I attempting to go play but little kids were swarming the rope bridge and rock foundation of the park that we just gave up and went to those poles you sit on and spin around to the point where you get sick.

Sammy took this shot of me before the pole could start turning on it's own again. I may not look like it, but I was horribly dizzy and even felt a little sick.
QUICK OUTFIT NOTE!: My new red/white striped cardigan I got from Wet Seal while I was in Grand Junction with my softball team (SO MUCH FUN but oh so very hot, which was not okay). Jeans that my old neighbor gave me that I have to roll up on the bottom. Other than the length though, because they are rather long, they're wonderfully cozy and nice on the eyes. And my American Eagle moccasins that are sadly getting to small on my feet :( I'm in search for new winter shoes anyway but what to get, what to get...
Here's my fall fashion trend for you though.

When the doors were reopened to the public, at TWO FORTY FIVE, we took in the glory of candy apples and almond bark while constantly inhaling the most amazing aroma of chocolate that I have ever smelled.
I'm quite the chocoholic readers.
My dad got... something I forget. My sister got this Mint Oreo Bark that tasted like mint toothpaste and Oreos blended together and it tasted disgusting because it seriously DID taste like toothpaste, and I got
a milk chocolate truffle and some Rocky Road fudge. I ate the truffle while we were sitting in town and had some of the fudge for dessert while we were watching the Colbert Report which I will mention shortly.

After the market and a little session of sitting on a swing at the park listening to my iPod, I went to my friend Mackenzie's house for a Labour Day Barbecue. It was fun I suppose, the only thing us older girls really did was sit on the swings on the play set in her backyard and talk. *Hold up; why do they call it a play set when they could just call it a park? Would it be weird to say that you have a park in your back yard???... I digress*

Anyway when we got home we were going to watch Royal Pains thinking there was a new episode but my dad thinks we finished the season so now I'm a little sad. Then we tried watching a Covert Affairs episode but I guess dad and Sam watched it without me, and sadly we watched the new episode of Leverage last night (three of the best shows ever, by the way people, listed there).
So we resulted to The Colbert Report (YAY!!!)
This episode was surprisingly funny, probably due to the fact that I actually understood most of it this time. I was proud to be in touch with politics enough for once to know what he was talking about.
I had a few favorite parts here and there but I've got to say that my favorite is, of course, the most inappropriate. Brace yourselves (it's not sketchy, but to parents it may be questionable).
OH!!!! Guess what! I found the clip on the website!! :D
But I want to say my favorite part anyway so:
Colbert: They say that the earth is 97% water. Which means... it's got us surrounded. This... is the Aqua Threat down. (sirens and graphics)
First up, Scientists in the United Kingdom say that oysters off the coast of Europe are being decimated by a virulent strain of herpes. This could be the most devastating shell fish STD since Clam-idia. Scientists say that the disease does not become noticeable until water has exceeded a temperature of 61 degrees (F). But folks that's ignoring the obvious question:
Who is f**king our oysters??

Bahahahahaha!! I'm sorry that last part just kills me for some reason. It of course probably has to do with the fact of the curse word, but the rest of the video is actually quite funny, though the last part is kind of... weird.
Well tomorrow is school...
(cue booing and crying and sadness... when I say that I picture Sam from iCarly, saying "Whoops wrong button" sarcastically.)
But it is home coming week starting tomorrow so that means a-bunch-of -random-things -that-I-am-not-aware-about-but-I-hear-they're-fun! stuff. I do know for a fact that it's theme week meaning that the schedule looks like this:
Tuesday: Neon Day. Sadly though I don't really own anything neon so it's come to wearing yellow jeans and a pink V neck American Eagle shirt.
And flip flops.
Wednesday: Cowboy Day. Luckily I do own a floral button down blouse and a cowboy hat... don't ask me why.
Thursday: SPIRIT DAY! Breaking out the softball jersey and purple war paint/ribbons :)
Friday: Jungle Day. Where I will hopefully be dressing up as a bumble bee. Freshmen have to be bugs and dirt, Sophomores are plants, Juniors are animals, and Seniors are Tarzan and Jane. It's also the same day as the parade and the game, which I might go to. My dad made me very confused about the explanation I gave him phrasing it like this:
"Well I might go because it's fun but I might not go because it's fun."
... he said that's what I said, and I'm still trying to figure that out.
Then Saturday: The dance. My curiosity isn't as high as it was, but I'm still going with my friends unless details are other wised changed.
And that's that.
OH! I also have a post about Chanel Bags I thought of last night because of Haley's extreme interest with them. It's mostly pictures but the bags are extremely lovely of course so there you have it. I think for now though, I sleep.

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