Tuesday, August 24, 2010

101 Posts :) Can I get some feedback on this genius-ary?

Not a valid title I know but hey if you read the read the real genius behind the post I do believe you will understand my happiness.
One hundred and one posts.
I've written One hundred and ONE posts
since April.
Can I get a hell yes here people??
Okay hold up to be completely honest right now the thought "Awesome Blossom Opossum" is going through my head.
Yes I am strange, thank you for noticing. Any who, let's get down to the real post then shall we?
At a predictable note, Day Two, High school: Freshmen Year, was today and today was excellent. Math of course I did not enjoy due to the fact that I am not a Math person.
There for Math went rather sluggishly, even with picture day.
Spanish, moy bueno! I actually understood some of it today. Prof`e told us the story of how Tim was very sad there was no sushi so we walked very quickly to Australia in the summer time to eat some.
Study Hall: Boring, thank God it's only 40 minutes though.
Lunch: Sat in the hallway again, and snacked off of Lays potato chips and a cosmic brownie while Naomi was consistently asking for a sip of my cranberry juice.
History: We talked about what we did over the summer and got into quite a heated yet short debate of soccer teams in the World Cup with the principal.
Chamber Choir... Oh Chamber Choir :)
Let me just say that ending my day with crazy people and singing is really the only reason why I enjoy high school.
Let's break down the day shall we:
First of all, our director/ AMAZING teacher informed us that she is 2 months pregnant and due in April :) EXCITEMENT!!
I also got fitted for my Choir attire (oh me and my rhyming) and after that we played quite an inappropriate version of.... THE QUESTION GAME! (cue cheering and scolding adults).
What do you expect, we're high schoolers. I did however learn though that quite the amount of people have a very "grungy" mind, as we have been saying all day. No matter though, because it was hilarious.
Now I am home from walking with Haley and Kasie from school, eating cold popcorn, wishing I had M&M's and thinking that now would be an EXCELLENT time for some one on one time with my September issue of VOGUE.
I'm also wishing it would just start raining suddenly so that way softball would be cancelled tonight, but judging on the blue skies and robins chirping angrily at my cat, I'm not thinking that's likely to happen.
Well I just might spend the next hour and fifteen minutes looking at http://www.lookbook.nu
Lucky you with your sleeping in or not so busy schedule...
P.S just figured out I'm getting a laptop for my birthday! :D can you say:

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