Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forever21 Cardigan

This is basically the only thing I really want to get off line. I saw it at the Forever21 in Silverdale Washington (state) and I absolutely loved it but I a sweater instead because I didn't want to spend $60 (the actual cardigan is $20, but if I has bought it I would have spent 60 so I got a $7 top, that I'm wearing now actually, instead) .
I think it's adorable and really suits what I'm shooting for, Fall Fashion wise. Cardigans... where would the world be without cardigans?
Cold most likely.
I just love cardigans lately, so I'm tying to experiment more with them and tie them in with my new wardrobe. It's hopeful that I'll be allowed to buy this (hopefully in the next few days, like I said; school starts in FOUR DAYS).
I'm going to try as hard as I can to get my projects done and post pictures, but things are going awfully slow.
I'd better go eat before softball practice starts.
It really sucks, it's been rainy all day, which lead to the cancellation of this mornings practice, but unfortunately leads to this evening's practice being held in the gym. Ugh... hopefully I made the right choice by deciding to play softball...
Just gotta keep telling myself "every thing's gonna be alright" lately, over the most pointless, little things.
P.S Oh wow right as I posted this the wind outside started going crazy... Oh, and then there's the thunder... well on the bright side I don't have to clean the patio for my mom's party later :)

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