Sunday, August 08, 2010


Solid Color Doc Marten Boots

Floral Doc Marten Boots

Shine Doc Marten Boots

Doc Marten's: Ahhhh the classic boot that never seems to go out of style.
Dr. Marten have been a world-wide boot since the 60's, 70's, and were "thrust upon the "tribes"". I guess everywhere they'd be on the feet of teenager's, Goth's, Preps, Nerds, Druggies, Artists alike. Once the Internet striked it's revolution gaining fifteen million users in 18 months, the boot thrived more than ever. Now it's mostly seen on the individualists: the one-man armies (as described on the site)
I really like how they phrase rebellion and individuality. Read on:
To be creative sometimes you have to rebel.

To rebel you have to have something to rebel against.
Driving fast, drinking cheap beer and smashing windows isn’t rebellion. The best form of rebellion is individualism. Thinking for yourself.

and then it says:
But you need anchors in this sea of creativity.

You need things you can rely on.
Things you can recruit to your army.
Friends, whether they add you or not.
Tunes loaded, down.
Ideas loaded, up.
Fashions that express.
Possessions that matter.
Things that inspire self-expression, not commodities that spoon-feed an identity.
Dr. Martens anchor you, liberate your creativity, inspire and fuel your identity. Our heritage fits your future; your future is our future.

I think it's brilliant: The Rebellious Shoe.
Endless, just absolutely endless, they honestly never will go out of style. Lately I've actually been considering getting a pair of these too, but once again I have no idea where I would wear them, let alone if I can afford them. I love Brigitte's, co-writer of the Douchebaugette. The way she wears hers is pretty chic. I was actually thinking of getting a pair just like hers, color wise anyway, but I don't know; purple or "sea foam green" would be pretty neat too.
I don't know, shoes over $50 are always so questionable to me in my mind.

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