Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aw lovely, yet another uneventful day of high school...

So today was pretty uneventful, due to the fact that it was a Gold day today (don't even bother asking, I'm not going to be able to tell you) and I don't really have ANY interesting classes on gold days... well besides Art but not much happened there today either so let's leave it the way I've been doing it.
Math: Was actually quite successful this morning. I completes my home work in class once again and got my P.O.W and my other problem-like-things which lead to me not having homework, which is always lovely no?
Art: we cut out things from magazines for our flip flop collages.
Study Hall: ...I really don't remember but it wasn't very eventful.
Lunch: Once again with hallway and nibbling on Milky Ways and Lays.
Science: resulted to doing the "Floating Bubbles" experiment.
English: I learned how to write a well organized paragraph for the...6th time probably in my life possibly 8th.
And now I am home waiting for 13 minutes to pass before I go to softball. We're having an early practice because of pictures, so practice is from 5-7 tonight, and that gives me more time for other things that I find important :)
Hahahaha I love this iCarly quote:
Sam (to Freddie): When did you become my wife?!
Well I'm going to go get ready and drink some cranberry juice.

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