Thursday, August 19, 2010

Making this quick!

Awesome day yesterday shopping. I got a lot of things that were cheap and I will definetky be using them to my advantage. My purchases consist of:
*Miley Cyrus/Max Azria floral button down in Ivory. No I am not the biggest gan of Miley a cyrus but hey it was a cute shirt for ten dollars you can't beat that. Also my mom bought it for me so no money of mine was spent
*Two Plain V-neck tees. One gray and one white. I'm going to customize the gray one to say The Runaways on it, and the white one to say SAVE FERRIS. $7.39
*Maybelline Lipstain in Wild-berry $6.49 (ridiculous price)
*Watermelon Lipsmackers Lipgloss $2.06
*Harajuku Lovers binder 5 magnificent dollars!
*Payless scarf $5
* Payless blue and ivory cheetah flats $7
Sadly my hopeful pursuit of purchasing an Olsenboye LONDON ROCKS tee was not successful, so online shopping has to come into play there. I didn't find any faded denim jeans for under $10 either (I'm going to turn them into boyfriend shorts) but Mom says she has a pair that might fit me, except I guess they're indigo. Can anyone tell me: does sand paper distress and fade jeans, or should I just bleach them?
I also found these amazing gray skinny's while rummaging the sales racks of the JCPenney but Mom didn't have the patience to let me try them on and so they were left at the store on the hanger to my personal dislike. I will post pictures of my amazing purchases when I can.
Oh and I also got new sneakers and cleats for softball but that's not as amazing I think.
Better go, heading to Naomi's for a smoothie and I haven't seen her in two months so I feel bad for making her wait.

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