Monday, August 23, 2010

High School is Interesting. In a Good Way.

Alright let's get down to business.
I was so excited last night that I could hardly sleep, but some how I did.
Woke up at 6:45, jumped up brushed my hair and teeth and put on my make-up, yet I still had to scramble to make my pathetic lunch.
Haley and Arielle came over because they needed a ride, and then of course right as we're walking out the door my mother shows up to take pictures. We were a bit delayed but alas, not late.
We walked through the doors slowly, so slowly that I started shaking with excitement. It was the most intense feeling I think I have ever had.
Haley and I found our friends quickly, and we wandered aimlessly through the hall trying to figure out what to do.
Then the bell tolled and we all started running for the academic hallway that lead to our lockers. But we were herded back for a "short, 5 minute" assembly, those liars. For 20 minutes we were once again lectured for probably the fiftieth time in our lives about what lied ahead in the year, and what they expected out of us.
I'm sure that some promises will not be kept.
Math was... well Math.
Spanish was hilarious fun to watch due to the fact that my teacher was frantically talking to us in Spanish with rapid hand gestures and making funny commentary.
Art we were (no surprise here) informed of the fact that we need $35 for the class, and how we should not chop off any of our flanges in the paper cutter.
At lunch time we ate in the hallway away from everyone else, sitting on the floor looking like preps or some horrid label.
In history I guess we're studding for a test of every one's names... should I be concerned?
Physical Science my teacher told us how he traveled Europe and was mugged on the second story of the hotel he was staying at in France.
I was SO happy to get to Choir, I had been looking forward to that all day. We were informed about the trip we'd be taking to Disney World.
Then I walked, alone, into sophomore English. Luckily I was completely ignored by everyone around me and all we did was write on note cards about our information and answers to random questions for a game.
Leaving though, I have to say, was a relief. But I'm looking forward to softball in about half an hour :)
Anyway. That's that, and tomorrows another day.
I will write soon.
P.S I take it that you noticed the new background? I'm working on the logo, I'm definitely going to interpret a Hogwarts crest in there :)

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