Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Sorry. I get cranky when I'm lacking M&M's on top of my popcorn"

Well damn, as it turns out that even though I was ready to rush down to the 711 and get some M&M's for my popcorn I realized that my wallet wasn't in my backpack. So sadly the newly welcomed junk snack was nothing but popcorn. No M&M's :( I really enjoy eating them together now even though I've only had them twice. But never the less it is delicious, do not call me crazy for trying until you've had it yourself. The two compliment each other splendidly... splendidly, what curiously, wonderful word...
Any who I gave up trying to watch The Last Song again before the counter on rental runs out, due to the fact that I really am not that big of a fan of Miley Cyrus, and also I was completely bored and needed a quick writing escape. When I say quick I most likely mean 2 hours.
No big deal.
I'm coming up blank on my Fall Fashion Inspiration. I am seriously considering consulting the September issue of Vogue for help, but I can't be quite positive. For those of you fashion addicts like Ta'vi and Haley, you might worship the issue. I on the other hand have trouble finding MY personal inspiration in just regular Teen Vogue. Can you see my dilemma?
I'm in some what of a panic. School is in ... Oh God, four days and I am missing the key factors of 1. boyfriend shorts and 2. my SAVE FERRIS and The Runaways tees. I don't know if I can get them all done in four days, but it's certainly hopeful.
So real quick here: for making a graphic word tee, would you use spray paint or a fabric marker?
I honestly think spray pain but if you disagree and have a better solution would you mind commenting on this ASAP.
I think I might just check out thanks to a post of Haley's recommending that, but I think I have it down... I just down have any of the things I want.
Well I have some things but... that's besides the point!
Basically I'm shooting for:
1. boyfriend shorts (maybe with ripped tights underneath... maybe...just maybe)
2. cardigans
3. possibly Doc Marten's. (I am SO skeptical about buying a pair, or knock offs. I think I might take this advice from this girl on Polyvore and get a floral pair, and a bright colored pair to keep a girly edge/look to my outfit.
I have absolutely no idea about what I'm going to wear pants and shoe wise in the Winter time here because it snows SO much, to my disliking... I love skiing but if I'm not skiing...Ugh. Have I told you this... yeah I've told you this.
Look let's put it this way: Take the amount of rain Seattle gets... and turn that into snow. Maybe not as much but it might as well be because we get a lot of it.
OH! And I'm shooting for sweaters too... and quirky tees like the ones I'm trying to make. I'm also praying to get this sweatshirt I saw on Polyvore. It's this cute little long sleeve, beige sweatshirt that has the Hogwarts logo on it :) Can you imagine my enjoyment of such an item in my possession.
Of course you can't.
Because you've never seen my face when I am completely ecstatic.
So I'll be asking for that for my birthday...
and a Laptop.
Look at me, my birthday is in November and I'm already begging...
I'm so excited though my dad said I could use his old laptop like it was mine until I get my new one :)
...I've told you this too.
I'm at a complete blank today, so sorry.
OH and by the way, I happened to stumble upon these:
well double damn, stupid picture won't load.
I will post the picture as soon as I can, but I searched "payless shoes flats" on Polyvore, and my blue/ivory cheetah flats showed up on the front page! I was trying to post the picture to show you how cute they are, whoever you are...
Okay well I'm off to scavenge for cute clothes that I have to talk my parents into letting me buy offline.

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