Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Snack Ever with a Sad Movie

Well my trip to the 711 for M&M's was both successful and quick. And after a quick call to my dad, I ordered The Last Song On Demand. If you've seen it you'll know how sad it it, although I surprisingly didn't cry this time...
But anyway right as the movie starts I made some Orville Redinbacher's Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn AND (I saw this at a Safeway on a poster) I added my M&M's to my popcorn!
It may not look/sound appetizing to you, but don't know it until you try it because I think it's delicious! :) The chocolate and the butter/crunch of the popcorn is actually an excellent combo. Except you need like seven or eight pieces of popcorn and one M&M in one bite because the chocolate is very over powering.
Well... right now I'm writing this just until I have to bike super quick up to my mom's to get my cleats, eat a Micky Mouse pop, and then ride over to softball practice for the second time today. Can't say that I'm really looking forward to it; I'd rather be blogging/ on Polyvore for the evening like I usually do when I'm at my dad's house. Except I'm at my mom's this week, and she doesn't have cable or Internet, and even if she did I wouldn't be able to use it because our desk top is out in the living room and if she caught me out there at like midnight using the computer... things would become apocalyptic. On the bright side though my dad got a new work lap top and he says I can use the old one until I get my new one :) (I think that's his way off saying that I'm getting one for my birthday. I'm so happy because the computer lab at the high school has computers from the nineties, and I feel bad saving all of my stuff on his computers, so I'm pretty happy).
I should get going, I'd rather be stuck waiting for a while then being late, and having to run a lap with blisters on my feet. It really does suck. And I'm sore from hiking/jogging/ We hike up this path near the school for a while and when it gets close to the end of practice we jog back down to the bottom, and it kill your feet. I'm still adjusting to high school level softball... Anyway, talk to you all later. Hopefully I can get on when I get home from school shopping tomorrow :) that is IF I get to go tomorrow. My check from the music camp I work at hasn't come in the mail yet like it usually does. So that's a little aggravating.
Okay see ya.

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