Monday, August 02, 2010

What A Day...

Okay so I haven't exactly written everyday about my adventures in Seattle with my friend Audrey and three of my old best friends, so I'm going to try to remember as much as I can and fill you in on the past two days.... dear God two days, really? It feels like it's been, like, four... although today is basically day three and we had to drive that one day so I'm not completely losing my mind. Anyway so here it goes...
Saturday, July 31st
Wow today was kind of crazy. We didn't go dock jumping like we had planned, so instead we walked around town and we even went to see my old house, and got to go inside. I'll admit it was a little weird, but the family was super nice about it. The house is much more smaller than I thought though... I cried a little bit, memories were flooding the entire time. We also smelled deodorants at the Rite-Aid and got frozen yogurt :) delicious!
Then before we went to my friend Jacqueline's (Jaco's) we went to the drug store and got silly bands. I am now the proud owner of 11 silly bands, two of which are cars and the rest are animals. One is a Llama. I'm very proud... and no Audrey it is not a dog.
When we got to Jaco's we made fun of Jaco's shriveled up turkey hot dog, and my friend Katie (yes she is my best friend and we have the same names) was laughing so hard to the point that Audrey and I were a little scared. Then we sat down for hot dogs and started laughing so hard again to the point where Jaco had to bring out erratic hand gestures to emphasize her talking when her phone flew from her hand, under the patio fence and into the bushes. We were laughing so hard and to top it off Jaco came running out in a helmet brandishing a rake to go save her phone. I have pictures that we laugh at every time we see them. Then we moved on to her room, where Audrey and I were criticized for being "modest" and "confrontational". So I guess when we get home, we need to teach everyone a lesson. We also made ring tones that consist of Jacqueline groaning into the phone, talking (in an Asian accent) about some of the funniest/ most random things you will ever hear. Then she came to sleep over at Katie's with us and that's where I end the day.
Sunday, August 1st 
Yesterday was definitely off track, confusing, and very fun. Disappointing though seeing how I didn't get my frozen yogurt. Also we had to cut everything an hour short because Katie had this Girl Scout thing that she doesn't want to do, and I guess it started a day early for like training so she had to go to the park for an hour while Audrey and I roamed the park I used to hang out when I was five and eat blackberries, while being circled by what we considered homicidal birds. It was fun. Moving on.
Once Katie finished pitching a tent and I took a picture of a bunny (he moved before I could get another one. I was sad.) her dad came to pick us up so we could go dock jumping. We had to turn back to the park super quick though because I forgot the bag that had all our stuff in it.
Once that was settled we drove all the way to the dock and we were stuck there for an hour, scared to jump off because of the heights and the cold. The first one to jump in was this kid named Brandon, one of Katie's friends, and he bounced right back out of the water and was shivering for about 45 minutes. We were all convinced that jumping in wasn't going to happen and that the water was too frickin' cold, when two little girls who had to be seven or eight, ran on to the dock, peeled off their shorts and little kid shirts with iron on kittens or what have you, and jumped into the water from the highest point all in five minutes. They didn't even hesitate or squeal at how high it was. And here's the crazy thing that led to the rest of our motivation: they were saying things like "It's so warm!" "It feels great!" "I have a wedgie." Ha ha sorry that made my day, the girl jumped in and screamed, so we all though it was cold, but in reality she just had a wedgie... just thought I'd clear that up.
So after the girls left, I'm pacing looking at the water, saying "someone jump in already" to my friends because I want another take on the water, when I basically just mutter screw it under my breath and climb down the ladder, fully dressed, to stick my foot in.
If you're expecting me to fall in, sorry, you're wrong.
It's because I'm a ninja at climbing slippery ladders.
So my take on the water was that it was way warmer than the river water that we swim, raft, kayak, what have you, at home. So when by the time I get back on the dock, I pull off my shorts and climb down the ladder to where I'm about five feet above the water, silently waiting to jump in and my friends are yelling and photographing/ video taping me about jumping in to the water.
It took a while but I jumped in. I don't care if it was only five feet, at least I jumped in. It was actually pretty warm but I got out because the thought of swimming with jelly fish and flounder and crab (Oh My!) was a little out there for me.
I also watched this one guy from Katie's school go "crabbing" and I even got to hold one :) I also touched a mini sea star I think it's called and my finger stung for like half an hour I don't know why. I also have a picture of a dog eating a crab, it was kind of sad because we had to kill it, but then karma kicked in and the guy from Katie's school caught a giant one that hooked onto his finger.
Well then we got home, hypnotized each other and had spaghetti. It was a pretty fun day.
Okay well now I got to go, because Audrey and I are suppose to go meet my friend Heidi downtown in half an hour and I'm not even dressed, so ta-ta my fellow readers!

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