Saturday, August 28, 2010

Devil Wears Prada and Tropic Thunder... wow that is quite the coming home movie marathon combination...

Aw, home sweet home, sweet sweet home :)
Well while you all were off at school and your jobs and living your hopefully un-hectic lives, I was off in the city playing softball... well not really, as a freshmen you sit in the dug-out, carry the gear, and get the upperclassmen what they want but anyway. I was sitting in the dug out in 90 degree weather wearing solid black sliding pants and socks with my polyester jersey, begging for little flimsy clouds to hide the sun. It was a pretty intense tournament though, I love watching the girls on my team play. My friend's mom describes it as Women's Major Leagues basically. It was a grand time though, staying in a very lavish hotel in groups of four to a room, and going out to lunch and dinner with one another, in all hilarity if I do say so myself.
Really quick though I would like to note the delicious strawberry lemonade at the Ruby Tuesday's  we went to... just thought I'd mention that. The steak was well done also.
In fewer words: It was SO MUCH FUN!
I also got to be a courtesy runner for the catcher on my team because her knee was acting up so I got to run the bases seven times and I scored six runs :) I'm very proud yes.
Now I'm home from a long day of riding on the mini bus, about to eat pizza and watching The Devil Wears Prada, such an amazing movie!
Miranda: You have no style, or sense of fashion.
Andy: Well I think,
Miranda: No, no. That wasn't a question.
Sorry I just had my mind blown by Tropic Thunder.
Shall I explain as to why I'm still very confused and dizzy?
Okay I will:
1. Robert Downey Jr. was black. It's a little crazy to see your favorite actor with a different color of eyes, skin and hair just saying. And an Austrailian accent, but that was really hot though so...
2. Asian kid wit a bazooka.
3. Grover from Percy Jackson was in an R movie.
4. Asian kid stabbing Ben Stiller.
5. Did the director actually die?!
6. Ben Stiller throwing the Asian kid who was stabbing him for stabbing him.
7. Tom Cruise was fat.
Blew my mind, I don't know if I will ever be the same again...
That's a lie, I will never be the same again.
But yeah it was crazy, I mean it took me like 10 minutes to realize that the awesome black guy was Robert Downey Jr. and it took me like 45 minutes, maybe more, to realize the mean, fat, cursing director was Tom Cruise.
Anyway: I'm tired, I feel all gross and gritty and my allergies are going off. Why I don't know. But I would like to go shower, get some sleep, and wake up tomorrow at like 10 so I can finish my homework and inform you all more about my random interests and day.
So long!

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