Sunday, August 08, 2010

Rain Boots and Karlie Kloss: Just Skimming over my mind. And London.

Olsenboye Graphic Tee with thin, white suspenders and black skinny's I'm guessing. A definite buy for me, just might buy it if I go to the mall and shop at the JCPenney. The new London Olsenboye collection looks pretty promising, might not have to go to the city after all but no promises. Forever21 is always nice too.
Raspberry Baxter Skinny Jeans $80, (Polyvore)

 God Karlie Kloss is so freaking pretty, she makes me feel ashamed sometimes. Adorable cashmere funnel neck sweater, I'd buy one for sure, if it wasn't $320. Teen Vogue August 2010 issue, Shopping Spree on page 142. I lover her outfit...sigh.

I was watching the Wild Child starring Emma Roberts just premiered tonight on ABC. It was okay I guess. Totally cheesy, and Emma Roberts was a spoiled Malibu Brat sent off to an all girl boarding school in England. While she was off running around town with this hottie English guy though, she was wearing pretty cute rain boots that went well with her styled dark brown hair, which was adorable by the way. These are pretty similar, I wish I could remember the entire outfit.
I wish I could go run around London and live in a boarding school... like Hogwarts. Yeah I would definitely enjoy something like that.


Ugh God I want to go to London, or Italy, or, or, or, somewhere that my mom loves to talk about. London would be amazing to visit though. I would so go to college in London...
I have ideas forming, and so far they're pretty good I think...
We'll see, we'll see...


  1. I love Wildchild, it's probably one of my favourite movies since Alex Pettyfer is so damn cute :P

  2. Cute, He's freaking gorgeous! Lol :)