Sunday, August 22, 2010

There's no need to panic; it's just vampires and high school. Calm down... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright reader's I'm in a bit of a panic.
As you all are probably aware of (or maybe not... unless you're stalkers) I am destined to be a freshmen in less than 24 hours, taking sophomore English BY MYSELF! and apparently have not-so nice seniors according to quite an amount of people.
Also due to the fact that I'm missing Friday of the FIRST WEEK thanks to a softball tournament.
I'm not usually one to cuss (on here) but
I'm in a panic!!
I mean honestly, unless you've endured it, I am scared out of my mind right now about the fact that Sex, Drugs, and Homework levels are jumping to an extreme here as soon as I walk through those doors. Hey. At least I'm being honest.
I'm scared.
Alright let's focus away from the reason why I am going to scream sporadically at any second now shall we?
So... I'm back! Internet is once again mine to control and keeping you all updated about my new beginning is a definite positive, for you at least... unless you don't enjoy this...?
Any who: Today resulted to shopping and the most amazing comedic movie I have seen: Vampires Suck.
Yesterday was rafting and having no choice but to skip out on softball practice. Is this a negative or a positive...?
Anyway the day turned to me taking the bus down valley for a few quick things. My purchases resulted to:
*Puff paint (blue, red and black)
*Harry Potter Silly Bands (can I get a hell yes?)
(No such luck at Staples...)
*a cannoli and a garlic knot (I have to eat too)
*a journal because tonight I will be finishing mine :) (IT'S GOT MICKEY MOUSE ON IT!)
*flannel shirt.
Alright Time: yes. you can call me a hypocrite (Haley this includes you). I have never liked flannels. Back when middle school was still in, left and right I would see them and think what ugly shirts... but alas No. It has come down to the fact that I am now a proud owner of this:

I think it's pretty cute but if you're not a fan of flannels you don't have to agree.
I also got:
*September issue of VOGUE
*and of course a snack for the bus, a Milky Way :)
I managed to get on non-shaky picture of three/out of four of my Target purchase on the bus.

Wa-La! I'm quite proud of this. Also this is such an amazing issue, I haven't had a chance to read through it yet, but the pictures are great. I'm determined to take/post them on here.
When I got home I resulted to breaking out the puff paint and starting on my SAVE FERRIS shirt.

My sister took this picture. Anyway I started on this right before the three of us, my sister, dad, and I, went to see Vampires Suck. Funniest movie ever! I've got to say though that I do not recommend seeing it with your family, because it is so inappropriate. So. Funny though.
Edward: Say it...Out loud.
Becca (not Bella):... Jonas Brother.
Edward: Yes... no wait what?
There's many more where that came from but I'm afraid I don't have the memory, except for this one quote:
Billy: Well whatevers killing those people isn't an animal. Do you see those footprints?
Frank (not Charlie): Yep... Canadians. Damn border jumpers are taking all the shitty jobs from us Americans and killing our fishermen.
When I got home I went from blogging this, but stopping to go get my phone which resulted to me working on my shirt, and then going on a walk with Haley while she walked her dog. It was raining earlier though and so the clouds and the light turned into this:
Isn't it pretty?
Anyway I came home, finished my shirt which thus turned into this:

and now I am watching the craziest episode of Leverage  ever, and mourning for the end of my summer.
Thus concludes my summer and my day and now I don't know how to end this post.
OH! I'm starting my newest blog Life of A Bohemian High Schooler today/tomorrow depending on if I have enough time. I need to get to bed...right about now... but I need to shower and prepare and everything so most likely going to post tomorrow.
So long, wish me luck as a freshie! :)

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