Thursday, August 12, 2010

Listening to Tay Swift begging for sleep and Inspiration

Well it's five past midnight and I'm writing you now just to keep in touch. This week is especially stressful, and I'm not going to share.
And to top it all off I'm lacking inspiration and if you knew me, that's basically setting myself up for a rant. I've already made a set thanks to Polyvore thinking it would help but my minds fuzzy and I think it's better to hit the sack in the next five to ten minutes instead of writing and rocking out to La Roux. A story has made itself present in my mind but I'm still working out the kinks in the story line. I really hate writing about some place I've never been to before and have no idea how to describe. I might contact Olivia from The Olive Martini, but that's only if I resolve to no other options.
Right now I'm listening to Taylor Swift's Picture to Burn and just transitioned into Forever and Always and I'm starting to think that Taylor Swift can relate just a little to well to my life, maybe all teen aged girl's lives. But who knows.
Alright well I'm off to bed, day dreaming of London and the carton of strawberry milk I've never had (story related). I would post the story I'm working on on here to give everyone a general idea for the story line and ideas but I'm concerned about Copyright issues and someone copying/ pasting it and making millions of dollars off of my work. Not saying that would happen but it could, you never know.
Well I was just checking in, no long post or debate taking place here tonight. Although I'd like to rant for a second here that the Queen shirt I found at Delia's for $10 is now $25 and I am officially pissed. Just saying. Okay good night one and all, I hope you're not having artists/writers/designer/songwriters block like I am.
Nighty night,
Countdown to High School:
Oh Golly Gee Damn! (In the words of THE Holly Golightly)
Keep in mind that on the 22nd I'll start posting on my other blog Life of a Bohemian High Schooler  so check it out then kay? Thanks :)

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