Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September VOGUE pictures!!

Oh damn all the pictures I took side ways actually did turn sideways, it's never done that before... Well here you are, I'm not going to try and bother turning them in the right direction, just turning your heads would be take less time thank you.
So... where to begin? From the top I believe?
Okay so um...
1. Girl with Purse with Dog: I liked this picture, but pushing more towards love due to the loveley fact that pictures like these (waist down with an accessory) are some of my favorites. They are always so creative, and so naturally this one caught my eye.
2. Fashion's Night Out Model Line Up: I loved this picture too! (you're going to be reading that a lot, just a heads up. After all this is a post on pictures I loved  from VOGUE.
Okay so the first thing I noticed, and loved (told you) was how they were all smiling! Models never seem to smile any more, and it's kind of a pet peeve of mine I'm sorry. But this picture was just so perfect, it looks like they're a group of teen aged girls getting together for a party and they're having just an amazing time with all their friends. It's so amazingly lovely. P.S Sorry to Lara Stone, whose entire body was caught in the glare of my lamp and removed unintentionally from the picture. Also yes my nails are bright pink, they matched the shirt I wore the other day.
3. Beige and a bathtub: I don't know what it was, but something about this picture sparked my interest and wonderment. Her face, her wardrobe, her position, I'm curious as to why all of these things are tied into the picture.
4. Bench Group Photo: Okay from far left the people/models/amazing people are
Artist Ryan McNamara, Model Valerija Kelava, Musician Ell Jackson of LaRoux. Model? Daria. Actress Dakota Fanning. Actor Hayden Christensen. and Model Eliza Cummings. I loved this picture for three reasons: 1. Elly Jackson 2. Dakota Fanning. 3. It's just such a great photo!
5. Sweater Girl on the beach: This is like my summer vision here, minus her, how you say, La-la's hanging out just a bit. Sitting on a beach with a cute brown knit sweater, with a good ol' magazine (Like VOGUE!) and a soft serve ice cream cone on a beach in East Hampton would just be lovely.
 Absolutely lovely.
6. There's just something very capturing to the eye about this photo.
7. I completely hate the color bland of the pink sweater and the green skirt, yet at the same time I like it because it's just so 50/60's no? And with the old sunglasses perched on the open book, I think it's very stunning, but I must say that looking off into space without a smile on your face (cough COUGH) is a little odd to me.
8. Girl in a LBD: I loved the background of this photo! Also on the other side there was the same girl but wearing kind of a pant suit. I liked this side though it said "Young" and "Little Audrey Hepburn, partier under class man" to me. The light was a little hard to control though, sorry.
9. Looking out the Window: I love everything about this photo, God where do I even begin to describe how MUCH I. Love. This. Photo! Her hair, her dress, the blank stare that she sends off through the panels of glass. I mean if you could look closely, her eyes just look so in depth and hard in concentration. Not blank and forced which is how I find most models facial expressions. I also love her gown. It's not exactly Marie Antoinette (obviously) but it's not exactly 30's style either. I don't know how to explain it, but I truly love the general idea it is sending out.
10. Staring/ Big Hair: I love this photo just as much as the next one. I love her sweater, it looks awfully comfortable I think... I also love her lips. If you could look closely, they're this bright ruby red that blends just amazingly with the dress and really makes you notice the rest of the photograph I think. Also I feel like she's looking the photographer straight in the eye, through the lens, which is giving off the impression of looking at us, the reader's also very closely. It's not exactly intimidating, but it's not exactly friendly either. It's a very hard look I would say...
11 and 12. UGG shot: This is an UGG ad surprisingly. I'm kind of at a phase at  the moment where I don't think I can handle another winter wearing UGGs for sixth month's straight. I mean honestly if I don't add some character to my boots I might as well boycott by wearing flip flops or something. That would never actually happen but I think you see here I'm coming from. I liked her outfit though, and the light on her face. It's a very well photographed image, I'd say. I can't exactly spot a piece of UGG merchandise in here though, maybe it's just me.
13. Last but certainly not least! Blake Lively observing a Givenchy photograph at the Givenchy Hotel D'evreux in Paris:
Oh my GOD I LOVE this picture. I mean the way her body is angled towards the painting and her adorable dress! The way the light is hitting all the different shades of gold and crystal in the room. And of course the picture with all of the Givenchy models with their backs to the photographer, dressed in their amazing attire. I love this photo. I wish I had a version that was turned the right side up and better quality to share with all of you, but sadly I don't :(
I actually just realized that Ta'vi posted a picture of the Givenchy models, faces forward, and I think the dresses are beautiful, but certainly different
I'm pretty sure they're the same dresses and models in the picture Blake Lively is looking at. Hopefully so.
Anyway... THAT'S IT!
Not much more really I'm afraid, and it's getting late after all so it's best for me to retire to bed now, due to the fact that I do have school tomorrow. Luckily though on Friday I don't thanks to a softball tournament over near the big city airport.
Also I am quite tired of going to bed super late and waking up at 6:45, only getting about 6 hours and 45 minutes worth of sleep... That's kind of ironic 6:45, 6 hours and 45 minutes...
OH and also while I was searching The Style Rookie for the Givenchy pictures I stumbled over this:
I think you can guess why I adore these pieces.
The nebula patterns of course! Lately I've been quite obsessed with them and am thinking that some kind of skirt/shirt with the same pattern would be something I would love to buy. There were also these shoes on Polyvore that had a nebula pattern, and a pair of Doc Marten's and now I am in serious like with them both. I'm not saying love because if I get to attached and dreams don't come true the harder the blow to my esteem will be.
Which by the way, can any one give me some opinions on what they think of nebula Doc Marten's, and what they would go wonderfully with? I just might get a pair for my birthday if I'm lucky enough (and brave enough to ask my mother for a pair. $175 shoes aren't really her thing...)
Well I'll leave it at that. Night to you all!

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