Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ohhh Geez...

Crap. It's nearly noon and I'm still sitting on the futon in my room in my PJ's, un-showered and still not finished, scratch that, I still haven't started my homework.
So that crap actually turns into OH CRAP.
I really should be doing that but let's face it, who wants to go do homework?
Yeah I didn't think you liked it either...
Well this day is basically turning into me procrastinating or being stuck inside all day working on my homework. It's actually not that much but I have to do it... so...
See this is what YouTube, Polyvore, Blogger, and Facebook (not really on that last one, but if I'm REALLY bored I'll go on...) do.
And I would really love to be watching Harry Potter right now. But of course that's just me.
Okay enough of this, I'm going to have to negotiate with myself right now and say that there will be no more Internet habits until I get my homework done.
And now I am just rambling to myself dear lord...
Okay I'll quit bothering you.

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