Sunday, August 08, 2010

Roooooaaaaaaadddddddddd Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppp

Alright so out of boredom while Audrey and I were driving across Washington, Oregon, and California (and Nevada and Utah), I decided to write a few notes really quick about our adventures in the city, shopping, and camping. Driving not so much; I kept trying to check my blog on my dad's phone but 1. I can't write posts on his phone and 2. we lost Internet connection somewhere in Cali. I was getting pretty P.Oed at the fact that it would shut down in the middle of reading other blogs and such. So here are the mini entries I felt obliged to write:

August 2nd
Well sadly today was my last day on the Island :( It wasn't wasted though luckily; Audrey and I spent the day with my friend Heidi who I used to live next too when I still lived there. We wandered town observing the local goods, shops, and food. I cannot believe that I spent $10 on food, I was getting annoyed that I was spending all my money, but then I found $20 in my pocket, I was pretty excited. We started off at the Safeway by getting a tube, roll, thing of chocolate chip cookie dough and eating it raw with spoons on a bench outside... don't judge. Then Heidi and Audrey resulted to buying 60 cent flavored water, that actually tastes really good, from a machine outside of the market that refused to give us our water. Kicking it helped.
We then moved onto the toy store I used to buy Playmobil from when I was five, and call me weird, but I was excited to get a free Playmobil magazine there from old times. Heidi and I of course reminisced about playing Playmobil in my living room, while Audrey thought I was a freak for getting the catalog. We then moved on to the bakery next door. Audrey got this pesto sandwich that she really liked while Heidi and I shared a baguette. We also passed my cherry Italian soda around. Yummy food :)
Then we moved on to Frozen Yogurt, and I am now dubbing Heidi a genius at healthy, fro-yo making: Coconut Lime Fro-Yo plus Kiwi and Mango, DELICIOUS :) It was a burst of flavor in my mouth every time I took a bite.
But sadly we had to say our good byes to Heidi because she had a guitar lesson and we were off for another day at the dock.
I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself. I jumped from the pillar like five times, and I jumped from the very top bar of the pier too :)
That was it for the day, but tomorrow we have to say good-bye :(

August 3rd
Well after a tragic and tear jerking good-bye, we departed from Katie's house and as soon as we rounded the corner, tears formed in my eyes. I have no idea when I'm going to see my best friend again, but hopefully it'll be this winter during break. I'm so excited! When we got to Seattle, we did a walk through of Pike's Place Market. It reeked of fish, but the art was amazing. We met up with our friends Isa and her sister Leanna (and their mom and brother) who happened to be in the city at the same time, so we met up with them for lunch.
We took the monorail over near the Space Needle and the science museum I used to go to ALL the time when I was little. But after we skimmed the place and realized that there was no place near by that wasn't fast food or outside, we resulted to walking God knows how many blocks, in the heat of Seattle, and not knowing where we were going. To be honest I think if we had waited any longer there definitely would have been four angry teen aged girls begging for food. But at last we found a chic Thai place to eat. We didn't know what on earth we were eating but it tasted good nun the less. We were all very pleased with our choice of food for the day.
We took the monorail back to the mall and skimmed the Nordstrom's for like 10 minutes maybe until we had to run and catch a public bus to the ferry. Luckily we made it. So began the car ride to Oregon, but we stopped in Silverdale for a rapid purchase at the Forever21. I got three tops which I will photograph as soon as I pull them out of the laundry. My favorite is the striped, saggy-ish, blue and white sweater. (I actually wore it today, the 8th, it's a bit wrinkled, but as adorable as ever.) Then it was off to Oregon, but we ended up staying at a crappy motel in Washington that used to have a prostitution problem (I'm not kidding you there was a sign taped on the front desk that read We have absolutely no tolerance for: Drug Use, Drug Selling, or Prostitution. I kid you not.) Audrey and I slept in our sleeping bags, concerned about the sheets.

August 4th
We passed into Oregon after an hour of driving, and at the first sign of beach we stopped the car and Audrey and I hauled it to the water, despite that it was freezing/cloudy/almost raining. I feel like such an idiot though due to the fact that while brushing the sand off my feet before I got into the car, I left my right Adidas gel flip flop in the parking lot, and didn't realize it until we were 100 miles away and getting out of the car for dinner. I had to wear Audrey's size 5 pink Old Navy flip flops that were squishing my size 8 feet the entire time. When we were done with dinner we walked across the street to this weird store so I could buy a new pair. I couldn't tell if it was a thrift store or an over priced dollar store, but it smelled gross and there was some pretty weird stuff in there. I am now the owner of these ugly, bulky $7.50 flip flops:
The second I get my hands on a different, cuter, pair I am BURNING these. Or if I find the other shoe hiding under my seat I'm making my dad reimburse me, I had to pay for these ugly things with my own money...
When we pulled into our campsite, Audrey and I went on a walk across the beach, even though it was freezing and we were basically walking around in our pajamas. She talked on the phone most of the time while I went through my usual thinking. We sat around the fire after wards and laughed until dark.

August 5th
Well before entering California, we stopped at this GORGEOUS beach in Oregon and played in the water. It was so much fun :) Then it was off to California, and the drive was endless. When we did finally get there, we still had to drive to our destination point for a camping spot. That made it all the more boring. Audrey and I were getting annoyed with the fact of being stuck in a car and no longer near the beach. It was sad actually, the entire time we were in California I only saw one palm tree and I don't even know if it was real or not.
Audrey also pointed out: "What's the point of going to California if  you can't even go to the beach?" Excellent point. When we finally got to our campsite we found the decor as ducks and it wasn't even real camping. It was pretty lush though, it had a shower and flowers and stuff...
We also went out to dinner, and I had a steak. It was okay I guess, interesting sauce... I sound like a food critic. Well when we got back to the camp site we had S'mores  and laughs and sleep.

August 6th
Today before taking off for Lake Tahoe, California, we stopped at the grocery store where I found a jar of  Nutella, which I've been craving for two days. Can you say "oh yes"?
We stopped at this crystal clear lake today in Whiskey Town, California that was recommended to us by a lady Audrey and I met in the bathroom while we were brushing our teeth. It felt nice to jump in to cold water after being stuck in the hot car for so long. I could have stayed  there all day but we had to get going. We passed through the Redwoods, and those trees were pretty flipping tall, they're not kidding when they say "some of the tallest trees ever." When we got to Lake Tahoe we were lucky to get a camping spot, but as we were pulling in we saw a coyote walk across the road. It was kind of funny but a little scary at the same time. We went out to dinner at this cute little Mediterranean place, and when we got back it was S'mores again and gossip in me and Audrey's tent until we fell asleep.

August 7th
Today we turned a corner in town and there we were in Nevada, on our way down the loneliness road in America. It really is very lonely. The towns were so spread out and this one town we stopped in was only a street long, no joke. It was soo boring. I was happy to cross into Utah; Queen was playing on the radio and I got a little writing in. My mind was crammed with ideas for writing and fashion, that I wrote down in my little colorful notebook. Doc Marten's have been on my mind lately, and also I might buy that Queen shirt off Delia', except the price might have bumped up to $25, and that would suck.
It rained for a little while, and as the sun was setting two full rainbows showed up, I thought we were going to go under them so I got pretty excited but then Dad explained to me that it wasn't going to happen, I don't know how to explain it.
 We got home at 11 and I didn't fall asleep until three no thanks to blogging and Facebook. It feels good to be home though.
Well I have work tomorrow, it's 10 o'clock and I need a shower. Night everyone :)

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