Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookbook, *SNOW*, and yeah it's definitely time to go to bed.

Alright, the eye lids are coming down and I have no other choice but to give in in the next 10 minutes.
Oh snap I just yawned, make that five. Okay so out of complete curiosity while raiding Haley's blog I stumbled upon the Haunts thing and saw Lookbook, and Haley seems to be the only one who knows that I'm in a small want of one, so Haley if you are reading this, would you mind inviting me on to Lookbook pretty please with cherries on top?
I was inspired; some of the photographs on there were just amazing and really forced me to think about pushing the envelope without bursting the envelope (Oh crap, now I'm pulling Wizard's of Waverly Place quotes, some one stop me now.)
I was also looking at some of Haley's photos from March and saw snow in the background. Where we live, the snow stays until April. LATE April. Which sucks but sometimes it's nice. I was just thinking that even though it's August right now, September is next week which means the leaves will start to turn those beautiful shades of gold and red, then a chill will settle over down and POOF! A blanket of white will have us all three feet deep to our knees. I can't believe we're back to this phase of weather, it feels like just yesterday I was walking to middle school in a sun dress and UGGs in March :P Yes I did such a thing, you are not one to judge in this.
I just cannot believe that we're almost back to Autumn and Winter, I mean like, like skiing, and sledding, and Santa Claus with the jolly laugh and sweets I wish was still real...
No young readers I hope...
I'm with Ta'vi though, I don't care much for finding God but I miss the days where Santa Claus was my hero.
The thought of Winter taking over again for 6 months is something I am dreading slightly.
Some of you might be thinking "Oh my God! Six months of winter! Snow and skiing and playing in it everyday, and blah blah blah".
Yeah well I got news for you:
1. Try living with it for 7 plus years of your life.
2. On the mountain, the snow is pretty, and fluffy and white.
In town, it's slushy, and wet, and brown, and SO COLD.
3. Skiing usually SUCKS in November, March and April so you really only have three good months of skiing. And being a kid, you really only get to go on weekends.
4. Play in it all you want, but you get cold fast and bored just as quickly.
Like I said: 7 PLUS years.
Who knows though, maybe this year will be different...
I say that every year and nothing really ever does change, how's that for putting a downer on your own self esteem?
Alright I leave you now with your thoughts and also because I need some shut-eye (that sounds so Pirate-ish).

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