Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wedge Booties. Yes Yes.

Alright let's get down to business, after viewing the Douchebaguette and after noticing Courtney's marvelous taupe suede wedge booties (I also noticed Brigitte's adorable pink Doc Marten's with spotted tights. So chic!) that I've decided to do a quicky post about my personal opinion on the shoe I never thought I would like. I guess we should all know by now that everyone finds enjoyment/pleasure in places we least expect it. SO it's come to this:
1. Dolce & Gabbana Suede Platform Wedge Ankle Boots, tre lovely. Short, simple, and to the point. They make a pretty bold statement I think and I would love to get my hands on a pair of these, but perhaps in brown/gray with an open toe, like Courtney's :) I love love love love LOVE the idea of putting these together with some crazy tights and a skirt, or maybe dress/shirt that's the same color as Brigitte's Doc Martens (by the way I'll be doing a post on them after this I do believe. Yes yes, yes yes...).
2. Luis Avia Roma Leopard Low Boot Wedges. God knows that never in my years would I ever consider such a shoe until now. But they are absolutely 100% bold statement. I mean a simple Leopard print on such a big shoe? Lord, I cannot even begin to describe... I'm questionable for those of you with week ankles though if you catch my drift. I think Lady Gaga might be the only person who can pull of these shoes with out snapping a bone... 
3. VIA SPIGA Women's Joven Suede Fringe Wedge Boots. And amazingly enough, can be found on for a mere $89.00. Admit it, compared to the other shoes I've listed so far that's cheap. Here's the link if your interested: God, I know I've been saying that quite a bit but GOD. I. Want. These. Shoes!! Maybe not in a wedge, but more in a flat, like these shoes Haley has. I honestly think I'd spend $50 for a pair of these... but no promises. Haley said she got hers local for $20. There's hope for a sale, as usual...
And last but not least:
4. High Heeled, Sneaker, Tie, Shoe, Heel??? The problem with me and Google plus saving pictures is that whenever I try to use a reference point or a more final title like I have the past three shoes. That just doesn't seem to apply here though... Sorry. I tried. But never the less, they are quite the cute shoe. I mean yeah they're a little off topic from the Wedge Ankle Booties I've been covering, but hey they popped up in the browser and I just thought I'd share. No harm in that. They are very cute though you must admit, although I don't have the faintest idea of where I would wear these, should I ever come into possession of a pair. Oh well, there's no use dreaming I suppose. My heart is more set on those $1,500 Dolce and Gabbana Black Wedges... I can dream. Maybe if I become a best selling author at age 14, 15, yeah, then I could buy those beauties but for now it's flip flops, Vans, and UGGS... I really need to go shoe shopping!
Well it's onto the Doc Marten's...
P.S I snagged these off Polyvore, aren't they just marvelous??
Jeffery Campbell MARY ROCKS.
Oh and really quick, here's my favorite picture from the Douchebaguette post.
From Douchebaguette. SOOOO CUTE!!!! I want their shoes...

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