Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm not going to lie but yes I was thinking of saying this:

"I'm  a grouchy girl who wants her mommy and a smoothie pop; leave me alone."
Yes honest to God I was prepared to say that to my dad. I'm just not in a very happy mood right now, it's probably because I'm being harangued about how my room is a mess which I honestly do not care about. I move back and forth from house to house, I don't have time to clean my stupid room.
Just letting you know, but yes. This is a rant. A sleep deprived teen aged girl who insists of ranting because I have nothing else to do. I hate cleaning my room. Heck, I hate bending over to pick up a flipping sock. I. Do. Not. Enjoy. Cleaning. I have better things to do with my life, cleaning is not on my list it's as simple as that.
I also get into quite a mood when being lectured about the religious events of the world while trying to get my homework done.
Obviously I'm quite irritable today too.
At this point in the day basically I would like everything to be quiet so I can blog/write in peace and have a bite to eat. I'm also ready to go my mom's read VOGUE/TeenVOGUE in peace while watching Harry Potter movies and eating a smoothie pop. If you're wondering what a smoothie pop is, it's just frozen smoothie that you make with these mold things, which just so happen, to be Mickey Mouse themed in my case :)
I call them Mickey Mouse pops.
Any who... I think I'm finally starting to calm down a little bit, but I am desperately craving a bite to eat, and now that I think of it I'm going to go raid my fridge so be right back.
Chips and Salsa... might not be lunch but it works.
Ugh I just realized that in a few hours I'm going to my mom's and as happy as I am to see her and everything, we still don't have Internet, so that means I have to say good-bye to Blogger and Polyvore for a week so that's a little... suckish, I guess in volatile words...
Well I think I'm going to check my email, finish watching Miss Congeniality Polyvore, and then return here for some hopeful fashion like viewing so...

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