Friday, August 13, 2010

on another Harry Potter fix, I'm due for a marathon

Well I'm home from pool day at work. I decided to pass on swimming due to the weather. Now home watching Neville Longbottom make elephant noises and Harry Potter's ears have smoke coming out of them (a.k.a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) hahaha the crazy divination lady (Emma Thomas) is making Neville think his grandmother is gong to die suddenly. I love these movies! Seriously if I was a witch I'd go to Hogwarts and be in Dumbledore's army and... I basically have my entire life as a witch planned out... okay that just led to a fan based story of the world of Harry Potter, I am suddenly very excited!! I also just remembered that Nicolas promised me a mini coke bottle darn it...
Anyway I'm seriously due for a Harry Potter movie marathon. Or reading one of the books or both...
gracious London, Harry Potter, boarding school, I've got them on the brain... come to think about it though, I would only want to go to London/boarding school thanks to Harry Potter. Ugh life just seems so dull compared to books, I really need to write another book. My imagination is gong crazy lately, I think I'll watch my movie now.
(Written August 11th)

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