Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Quick Note then I'm sleeping in until it 10 I've got sh*t that needs to be fullfilled FAST

Well readers, long story short here before I pass out, lights beaming and my hair still clipped back giving my roots a headache... I'm Home. At last! Yes I know that in previous posts I ranted on and on about my longing to be out of this town and on to Seattle, but let me explain (oh so quickly. I've been saving Blogger for last on my Internet Habit List due to over exaggeration and fine vocabulary...) after camping for, oh gosh, three days? I think, I've resulted to sleeping (barely) in the fetal position in the front seat of my Audi, bitching (pardon me) about my iPod being dead and the jar of Nutella I bought before heading into California, being licked dry (scratch that licked dry part, I just lost the damn spoon). There was also windy roads, scorching waves of heat, and the oh-so PISSING ME OFF factor that my dad's phone was being a pain in the ass and not getting Internet service for me to check anything! I was getting pretty P.Oed at that Piece-O-Shite and quite frankly so was my dad. So real quick, here's to you Verizon: get that crap fixed up because that was SO not helpful!
I'm ranting. So sorry.
But reader's while I was off escaping civilization, and making a pit stop in Silverdale, Washington at the Forever21, I was inspired! You may applaud...just kidding. But I have all sorts of ideas that I've been writing down due to 1. my sanity and 2. you my readers (if you're out there... hey sometimes I get the sense that no one is reading, sorry!) but yes I will be trying to post, upload, and write as much as I can in between unknown school events, work, and visiting my mother at work. Haven't talked to her in days, don't I feel horrible...
Also KUDOS to my fellow blogger and very best friend Haley for pictures, posts, and quotes, that express true pop culture fashion and everything in between. I love how she posted my favorite The Devil Wears Prada quote, made. my. day.
Alright it's pushing one AM and I got home nearly two hours ago. I must retire now. Night to one and all!
P.S I just knew I was going to end up writing quite the little story here... sigh.

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