Sunday, July 04, 2010

I'm no Ta'vi, certainly no CoCo, and especially no Haley

I'm no Ta'vi, certainly no CoCo, and especially no Haley. I'm just Katie; born into a small life and destined for only that it seems. Yeah I might live the good life as a writer or, if I get my act together, a photographer or some kind of wedding planner.I think I always doubted that being involved in true fashion just isn't an appropiate life choice for me. But for now here I am, living life slow and pretty smooth on my way to high school, practically waiting for more than I can handle to be handed to me. And no, NOT on a silver platter. It's going to be rough, this much I know already. I already have dilemmas and curiosities that are sure to put me in my place before I'm 16... come to think of it, I might already be in that place. This is crazy, who knew that at such a young age you could go off the wall so easily at something so simple, and you haven't even seen what the real world is like. As in the world where you live on your own and have a job. That's the part that always seems to get me.
Stick to the stuff that's going on right now I guess.

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