Monday, July 12, 2010

Cheap-O Rolls and Designer Clothes

Started the morning with a cheap-o roll and Cake Boss. I feel so pathetic with my store bought roll compared to what they're making on the show. I'm not kidding you I would seriously go to New Jersey, buy a life time supply (or at least enough to last me more than a week) and that would be that. I'm craving an eclair (no idea how to spell that sorry). It's driving me bonkers, one of these days though I can guarantee you that I'm going to show up on Cake Boss demanding like a goodie box of food... and a cake, you can not go to Carlo's Bakery and not get a cake. I mean look at this!

 As a chocoholic this torture for me to look and not be able to eat. So. Evil.
Now I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress On Demand. I am such a Home-Ed freak I know. It's amazing that they don't offer any classes at my high school (not that I know of any way). If they do though I already have my electives picked; the closest thing I'm getting to Home-Ed (is it Ech or Ed... I'm sticking with Ed for now I guess) is Art and well that's not exactly Home-y, more Bohemian. 
No idea what I'm going to do today, but quite frankly I'm sick of the three do-nothing days in a row that I had last week. I'm about ready to bang my head against a wall if I get dressed to the park for half an hour and then come home to just blog and Facebook and Polyvore for the rest of the day. It's madness.
Really in for a vacation so thank God that Seattle is in... 18 days! Shopping and Boating and spending time with two of my best friends in the entire world, it's unbelievable...
Alright well odds are I'm going to come back on and I think talk fashion after all this time (I bet you're thinking: didn't realize she was into fashion. Yeah I am, not as much as it used to be but lately I've been thinking about fashion and designs and school outfits) so lets see how that goes.
Here's to Home-Ed and uncommon interests I guess.

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  1. ignore the white highlight word, idk that on earth is goin on there...