Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lists and Blogs, That's All Really.

For the past week I've had a list in the back of my head saying what I need (well want really but they feel like a necessity) and it has come to my attention that for some items I need advice on, an understanding of what style, brand, etc. something might be. Or just to remember this list in general. It's mostly make-up and clothes if I'm right and perhaps a book here and there, I don't really know which is why I'm writing the list. So:

*Lip stain

 *Pair of Thong Sandals like this. Although I'd probably only be able to wear these for a month, and then put them away for the winter.

 *Cotton Denim Shirt

*Hat with a black bow. Same thing as the shoe though, this is a summer hat, this plus Winter equals a No... sadly.

*Harajuku Lover's Perfume: Lil' Angel. I don't know if I would get this specific bottle, I could get Music or Baby, but my friend Naomi has one that smells like vanilla, I think it's Music... I don't know, but I want one :P

*not sure if I would actually buy/ wear these. but they go towards helping breast cancer patients so they're definitely worth a good cause.

*Can anyone tell me what kind of pant this is? I don't know what name I can call them by to Google them. Help Please!

*Minne Mouse Shirt. Who DOESN'T want this shirt?!

 *Moccasin Boot. A pair of these would be nice in the winter, they probably cost a lot of money though...

*I want this cardigan SO BADLY. $12 at Forever21. I think it's adorable.

*I think these are pretty awesome but the thing is I don't know if they would look good on me, and there's also the fact that I already wear glasses, so if I go to the trouble of wearing contacts just to wear glasses that might be a little weird.

 *Plain Old Off the Shoulder Top. Pretty cozy, having one would be nice... except maybe in a... periwinkle....

*Paris Poncho Shirt :)

*Don't know if I would wear these, but I think they're awesome so I'd probably buy them anyway.

*One of my favorite bands is Queen. Getting this shirt is only logical. Wearing it with those Khaki shorts I mentioned above would be pretty awesome too.

*Tiffany's Heart Dog Tag Necklace. The day I get one of these in a little blue box will be pretty exciting :)

*Yellow Vans. Not exactly this bright of a color, lighter, kind of baby yellow would be better. I'd either get yellow, blue or purple. But Haley already has purple so....

*Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Young Lady By Derek Blasberg. I've been waiting to get this off Amazon or Barnes and Noble since March I think. It looks good, I saw a preview in TeenVogue. I wonder if it's out yet though.

*Harajuku Lovers Bag. Not this exact one (although this one is pretty cool) but never the less I want one.

*Inspiron1525 Dell Notebook. Three of my friends all have this model computer and I want one because I think my dad is tired of having all my writing and pictures on his laptop. Also because I'm going to a high school where the computer lab is crappy compared to the one at the middle school. Having one of these would make life so much more easier.

*Nikon Coolpix. Right now my friend Markee is lending me her Canon (I think I told you this in a previous post) but it's not going to be mine forever sadly so a Coolpix would be lovely.

Well that's that. Then there's all the little things I want but I don't know what they are or what they look like.
Most of the pictures I have are from Everything except for Classy, Tiffany's Necklace, Computer, Harajuku Lover's Bag, and the Camera I got off Google.
Here's my list. Yay.
And keep in mind that I have just started a new blog called Life of a High School Bohemian but I want start posting on it until the 23rd of August which is when school starts. I also won't be writing the way I do on *CrazyUnique* I'm going to write more as if I were writing a book. Please take a look once it's up, thanks :)

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