Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tye-Dye, Hipsters, and Boots. There's No Going Wrong.

Well reader's it's been a long work filled week with a softball tournament in between. Hectic is probably the best word to describe it. We started our tournament pretty well, winning our first two games, but then on Friday we lost by one point, which meant that we had to wake up at six to drive two hours and play at nine in the morning. We ended up losing that game too, which got us eliminated from the tournament; we've won the tournament four years in a row now, so it was pretty disappointing... actually I was pissed.
Today was my last day of having to wake up before nine. The music camp I work at performed at the local fair going on. It was fun I guess. Afterwards though we wandered in and out of the tents selling knick-knacks and things you'll regret buying later. It's basically three days of mega-hippie fair, but it's actually pretty fun. I'm not going to lie though, from what I've heard about the late night scene, druggies, drunks, and well, hippies must hang around.
But it's still pretty fun; it's the only place where you can wear Tye-dye shirts and not be a total fashion disaster. (Don't get me wrong, Tye-dye is pretty awesome, but some shirts/skirts/dresses should not be seen by other human eyes. It's also pretty hipster/bohemian; people dress pretty out there sometimes and the entertainment is pretty cool although I missed it this year and I heard it wasn't that good but what do I know?
I decided to be hipster (even though I'm basically Bohemian) and wear tall brown scrunch boots in late July. I folded them over to ankle booties though, yet I still got crap from my one guy friend and my sister that my fashion sense was way off today, and that's wearing boots was out in summer time. That's where being hipster comes in, although I don't know why people are so against wearing anything other than flip-flops in the summer; my feet were not as hot as everyone thought. I also forgot to shave my legs but that added onto my hippie/ hipster/ bohemian character today.But on a more important note I came home and relaxed for what feels like the first time all week. I'm back to sleeping in until 10 and do-nothing days. It's a great feeling.
Also while watching TV today I realized that:
Everybody Hates Chris is funny, but it's also pretty racist. And I'm starting to wonder if Chris Rock has been exaggerating all this time...
Also iCarly is one big MLIA moment.
I took some pictures of my outfit today but this is already a pretty long post it seems like so I'm going to write up another post for that.
5 days until Seattle :) will try to blog and upload as much as I can while on the road. For now I'll write what happens on a day to day basis.
Peace and Love,
P.S what drawing/ henna would you get? Might borrow some from my friend and I don't know what to draw on my ankle/hand.

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