Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Passion... and Fred and George

Dad asked me to define passion for Katie's Dictionary so here we go:
Passion: 1. what you use as a motivation for everything and anything you do 2. deep love for something 3. inspiration for a piece of art, literature, etc.....
Inspiration: a spark or flare of creativity you must apply to a creation. An Idea if you will.

Decided to add inspiration last second.
Please remember if you would like for me to describe a word just comment, thanks :)

Alright real-quick, this has been driving me nuts and I wanted to share it with everyone. It's a quote from HP4
Fred (or George I never really know but usually Fred says the funny things I find.): Alright everyone back to your knitting. It's awkward enough without you listening in.

Don't know why I think this quote is funny but oh well. Another one was:

George (I'm sure this time!): You know Fred I always found that our road to achievement always lied beyond the walls of academics.
Fred: I think you're right.
(both of them smile devilishly)

I just love them! They make me laugh all the time. I can probably name like three more quotes from them that I love and that you would probably find me strange for thinking that they're hilarious (I'm not kidding you some of them I have burst out laughing at and my friends or family near by will look at me like "what are you laughing at? it's not that funny...) but I won't. I think this is good-bye for tonight. Wait actually... hang on... Holy crap it's 12:46! okay well it's good bye for the night but not for the day, does that make sense?
Not going to try and explain it, good night!

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