Monday, July 26, 2010

Ta'vi Illustration
Ta'vi illustration

So I got these off of Paper Fashion, which I recently discovered thanks to accidentally clicking on a Polyvore link. You might recognize the top image from a set I clipped to a post I made yesterday. Well that was my first discovery. I think they're pretty awesome illustrations; I especially like the two I added here of Ta'vi. The artists name is Kathryn Elyse, I don't know much about her yet because my family doesn't enjoy hearing YouTube chatter while they're watching TV. Anyway, check out her other drawings they're awesome. She also has an ad that offers to do custom illustrations. I might get one but I don't know what to get. I have an idea, but... yeah.
Well I got to go I'm hanging out with Haley in five minutes and I'm not even remotely close to ready.
P.S has anyone else noticed that my pictures are not all angled off to the left? I am truly proud of myself for such a layout :)

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