Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Agenda! *Happy Dance*

I have been sitting on my butt for like the past three days doing nothing but blogging and Polyvore and TLC shows that I'm not even paying attention to. Today: I have errands to run! They might be slim and simple but I have something to do! YAY!! (applause, applause, okay back on track here).
*Drive up to my mom's and bring my clothes to my dads for the week (also getting "my" camera. It's actually my friend Markee's, she's an adult just to clear that up. Also my mom is being all protective over it... we wouldn't have this problem if I just got my own camera just saying...)
*Go to the Library and return Breakfast to Tiffany's. I am sad to see it go, I think purchasing my own copy is a definite possibility)
*Get my hat that I left at my friends house over a month ago.
*Leave a message at my other friend's house (who happens to be at camp across the country) to let her parents know my bike is still at there house. (My mom's right, my stuff is all over town)
*Take some pictures
*Fashion debate post
*Softball Game! Only one more to go before the tournament!

Okay I must admit that last night I had a vision (not a dream a vision) of me going to the closest big city before school started with money I've earned from work and just going on a spree at Forever21, and Vanity Fair I believe it's called, Target is a possibility too but I think that's mostly shoes and make-up I think.
Now think me with a Little Blue Box and a Tiffany's heart dog-tag around my neck taking pictures of of the sheer happiness on my face. I plan my shopping very seriously. Especially because I'm going into high school.
Why am I telling you this? Well just thought I'd just get that out there.
Also because now that I'm aware that my dad reads my blog, he's probably going to read this so this is my way of asking because I'm too chicken to do it in person:) really quick here:
Alright well it's 10:13 and I am still in my pajama's, I'm not doing that again for a long time!

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