Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Runaways

Today after light "thrifting" with Madie and getting M&M's at the local 711 to put on my popcorn (it actually tastes really good!), we went back to my dad's house to watch The Runaways. I must say that watching Dakota Fanning in all her teenage rebellion is both frightening and amazing. Seeing one of your favorite actresses doing drugs and kissing Kristen Stewart is a little out there for me but it was still an amazing movie. And not to down on Kristen but let's face it, in past movies she hasn't exactly been the greatest, most vocal actress out there. So watching her cuss out and pee on a jacka$$'s guitar is pretty awesome to behold. I loved this movie. It showed all the rebellion and almost-innocent youth of 15, 16, maybe 17 year olds wanting form a girl power, rock 'n roll band. And it was totally feminine! This movie was just amazing I can see why it got four stars. Great music, and also an eye opener of things I should not do once I get into high school. I also felt like a bada$$ because 1. Joan Jett (Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Fanning) were both wearing denim shirts that looked pretty identical to mine. (I also liked Joan's Sex Pistol shirt that she made with spray paint and cut outs of the words, a pretty handy use of hair clips...
and 2. It's rated R, so naturally Madie and I felt like rebels hahaha :) It was an awesome movie although I don't recommend watching with your parents, it's more of a watch with your friends kind of thing. It's just the language, that's all... okay, well, and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning basically made out and possibly more, that part was really unclear, but I gotta tell you it was a little gross watching.
Anyway: awesome movie, awesome music, awesome actors, and I might have to look into downloading some Runaways music on to my iPod before I leave for Seattle in... 2 Days!!! In the words of my best friend Katie who lives in the area (I'm going to visit her) "Holy Freaking Freak!!!!"
Oh my God I am just so excited to see her! It's been SEVEN years!!
Well a storm is moving in, and I'm on to my next movie: RENT. Seasons of Love is blasting at me telling me to play the movie already so I'm going to listen.
Will write some more later, maybe once I figure out a quote from the Runaways I like...

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